Departmental Checklist





Due to Banner Training, please schedule an appointment to discuss major payroll related issues.




Time Sheets



       Signatures on all documents must be legible.


       Time sheets and summary sheets will be returned to each department if data is incomplete or


incorrect. This will cause a delay in paycheck processing


       Time sheets received after the due date will be processed in the next pay cycle.


       All FWS and IWS student employees will receive their first time sheet from the Work Study Office








       Please encourage all employees to participate in Direct Deposit. Forms are available on our




       Individual paychecks will not be available prior to 3:00 PM during fall / spring hours and 4:00 PM


during the summer hours. Photo ID is required for pick up.


       Employees must sign signature sheets for received paychecks.


       Time sheets must be returned to Payroll Services by 3:00 PM during the fall / spring hours and 4:00


PM during the summer hours.


       Mailing of paychecks requires an Authorization for Mailing Form to be completed and received in


Payroll Services one week before payday.


       All employees should verify address data on paychecks and complete a W-4 form if corrections are