Instructions for completing RECAP TIME SHEET:

Place an "X" in the column, corresponding to the date, you are present for work.

Leave time should be designated with the following initials or codes:

H -- Holiday (code 150)
V -- Vacation (code 170)
S -- Sick (code 180)
AL -- Admin Leave (code 300)
Union Activity -- (code 440)
Jury Duty -- (code 500)
Military Leave -- (code 510)
Leave Blank -- weekends (Sat/Sun) and Fridays during summer schedule

At the end of the pay period add each time category and enter the total in the Time Cat. and Total Hrs. columns, for each employee,
as noted below. Enter Total Hours of leave time as noted.

Comp time earned should be recorded on the days it is earned and the days it is used.
If working the Holiday: Comp Time is calculated based on the person's employment classification (35 hours, 40 hours, NE, NL).
Employees should initial in the "remarks" area, corresponding with their name.