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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I only buy from vendors with a New Jersey Business Registration?

As a state University, it is policy that Rowan will only do business with vendors possessing a New Jersey Business Registration.

How can I receive a purchasing credit card, and when can I use it?

University credit cards can be requested by using the Rowan University Card Authorization form which is available from the Purchasing Department. This form can be found on the "Procurement at a Glance" page. Requestor and Department Head must complete and send the Purchasing Department the University Purchasing Card Department authorization form.

Please Note: The University Purchasing Card should only be used as a supplement to the purchase order process or in emergency situations. The University, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate the Rowan University Purchase Card at any time.

I am entering a requisition for $18,000. The vendor was approved for a purchase order of $22,000 earlier in the year. Do I still need to obtain C.51/EO 117 compliance paperwork for the new request?

Yes. We are required to obtain compliance approval from the state for all purchases, individual or cumulative, that exceed $17,500. However, if Rowan has previously received compliance approval for a vendor, and that approval is still valid (State approvals are in effect for two years) the vendor may not need to complete a new Ownership Disclosure and Certification form. If there has been no change in ownership or political contribution status since the previous approval, a subsequent certification form can be submitted instead. Contact for details.

I am trying to get three quotes for a purchase of $7,000. I have contacted several vendors and they do not carry the specific equipment I need. What can I do?

You must exercise good faith in trying to obtain quotes from at least three vendors. If you are unable to obtain three quotes, request confirmation in writing, if possible from the vendor(s) who cannot provide the requested items. Submit the "non-quotes" as part of your documentation to

I have a vendor that is sole source for a purchase over over $4,000. What documentation do I need to submit with my requisition?

Sole source claims should be verified by third parties. For example, written confirmation from the manufacturer that they do not distribute their products through outside channels.

I have the vendor's tax ID number, why do I need a W-9?

The W9 form can be found on our website at:

Not only lists the vendor's tax ID number, but also certifies their business structure (corporation, partnership, etc.) which is necessary in order to determine how the University will report expenditures to the IRS. Additionally, the W9 form, through the vendor's signature, is a certification as to the validity of the information and protects Rowan University in the case of incorrect information provided by the vendor.

I submitted a requisition with the wrong FOPAL and I need a change order to correct it. What should I do?

We cannot correct a FOPAL once a PO has been issued. If no receiving or invoicing has been performed against the PO, send an email to requesting the original purchase order to be cancelled and reissued with the correct FOPAL.

I submitted a requisition with the wrong vendor and now the requisition has been converted. What can I do?

We cannot correct a vendor once a PO has been issued. If no receiving or invoicing has been performed against the PO, send an email to requesting the original purchase order to be cancelled and reissued to the correct vendor.

I've been notified by a vendor of a new address. Who should I notify?

Send an email to with the new information.

I've been told a confirming order is not allowed. Why?

A confirming order means the end user has already ordered the item(s)/service from the vendor, and the vendor has accepted the order. In essence, the end user has committed the University to an expenditure that has had no procurement oversight.

What is a contract?

An agreement between two or more parties; Rowan University and a Vendor(s).

What is a Purchase Order?

A document issued by the University and serving as a commitment to purchase the good or services noted thereon. These are documents issued by buyers to sellers listing prices, quantities, and types of products or services looking to be purchased. This is the preferred method of procurement.

What is a requisition?

A requisition is the first part of the procurement process. It is the document that the end user prepares in the Banner system that describes the needed goods or services.

What is and why should I use a standing order?

An existing contract is the result of vendors undergoing a formal competitive bidding process, establishing an agreement for specific products and services. Since the ordering process, contracting language, and delivery system are presently in place, it allows for these products or services to be bought in a more timely manner. This strategy also promotes cost savings due to an increase in the volume of business with specific suppliers. Contract pricing is generally agreed upon with an overall anticipated amount of purchasing activity. In order to maintain the lowest possible price, University members are encouraged to use the preferred vendors whenever possible.

What should be done if there is a dispute with a supplier that cannot be settled?

Upon notification and/or request, the Purchasing department will assist in the resolution of supplier disputes. Requesters are encouraged to involve the appropriate buyer early in the process to facilitate a favorable solution.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with a supplier's performance?

Unsatisfactory supplier performance should be detailed in writing and sent to the Purchasing Department as soon as possible. A written history of poor service and/or goods provided by a vendor can result in disqualification from future bids or contracts with the University. Some problems may include invoicing, response times, delivery errors, damaged products or quality of service.

Why does it say "DO NOT USE" on vendor 916xxxxxx, and can I place an order with this vendor?

The "Do Not Use" is used when Purchasing deactivates duplicate vendors in the Banner system. Typically, the vendor has a note in the title identifying the correct vendor ID. If not, contact for assistance.

How can I copy information from one INB requisition to another?

This information, along with more detailed 'how to' tips for Banner can be found on the Information Resource Online Training Center page. Your specific question is addressed in the Banner-Internet Native Banner Requisitions link.

I missed the seminar regarding Electronic Purchase Orders. Where can I get more information regarding the new process?

The handout from our seminar can be found here.

I need to change FOAPAL on a requisition that's already been converted to a Purchase Order. What do I do?

Once the Purchase Order conversion is complete, we cannot change the FOAPAL (we also cannot change the vendor or delete a line). If you have not entered any receiving against the PO we can cancel the Purchase Order. This will then move the requisition back into the buyer's queue. At that point we can make the necessary corrections and complete the new PO conversion. If you have already performed receiving against the PO we can close out the balance and you will need to enter a new requisition with the correct information.

What benefits do the commodity codes offer?

The purposes of the codes are so the University can keep better track of where funds are being spent, including departmental reports, and especially Information Technology orders.

Why am I unable to mix Commodity Codes with Information Technology Commodity Codes?

Information Technology Purchase Orders are now automatically emailed to Information Resources Technology for ordering and cannot have additional unrelated items. Although end-users will also receive IT Purchase Orders, they should not place the order themselves.

What if I cannot find a Commodity Code that describes what I am purchasing?

End-users should always make an effort to utilize the best fit commodity codes for their purchases. In the event that there is no code that demonstrates the nature of the purchase, please contact the Office of Contracting & Procurement for assistance. Also, recommendations for adding commodity codes can be sent to Robert Yufer,