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Record Retention

No records are to be destroyed or disposed of before state approval. The following website describes the approval process, and provides instructions for filling out the proper forms. For questions about the Record Retention process, please contact Robert Yufer in the Contracting & Procurement Office, ext. 4196 or email Yufer@rowan.edu. If you have questions about what types of documents need destruction approval, or a special situation that may need further clarification, pelase contact Vilirie Perry, Records Management Services, 609-530-7487.


Approval Process

  1. Check the NJ State's Record Retention Schedule Guide to search for the type of record you would like to destroy. This guide contains information you will need to know such as, the Record Title and Description, Record Series Number, and Agency Number. This schedule is also used to determine if the record is eligible for disposal. Each Record Series Number comes with a time frame stating how long a specific record must remain on file before it is destroyed. Make sure your records have been on file for at least that amount of time before sending a request.
  2. Once you have determined your documents are eligible for disposal, fill out a Request and Authorization for Records Disposal form. These can be obtained from Vilirie Perry, Records Management Services, 609-530-7487. Please fill out this form in its entirety. The amount of material to be disposed is requested in cubic feet, however, it is sufficient to provide the total number of boxes instead.
  3. Once this form is filled out, please send it to Robert Yufer, Contracting & Procurement Office, Linden Halll.
  4. Once received, the form will be reviewed, signed by the Record Retention Manager (Robert Yufer) and then sent to the state for final approval. The process can take up to two months before a response is received.
  5. If the request is rejected, an explanation will be provided to the requestor. If the request is approved, the Request and Authorization form will be sent to the requestor, and signed again, verifying that the documents were destroyed (Boxes 17, 17A, 17B). When that is finished, the form is then sent back again to Robert Yufer, Contracting & Procurement Office.
  6. Lastly, the form is sent back to the state to verify that Rowan university has actually disposed of the documents.


Request and Authorization for Records Disposal Instructions and Guidelines

If there are any questions about the Request and Authorization Records Disposal Form, please view the Items below for clarification.

  • Items 1 – 5 Requesting Agency Information – Enter: Name, address, telephone number, records retention schedule number, signature and title of the official initiating the request; signature and title of the Custodian of Public Records approving the request; signature of Records Manager, and the request date.
  • Item 6 Archival Review – The signature of the State or Local Archivist performing the Archival Review for the records listed in the disposal request.
  • Item 7 Premature Records Disposal – Enter for disposal of hardcopy records whose retentions have not yet expired but were microfilmed imaged, or were deemed unsalvageable.
  • Item 8 Comments – A field dedicated for associated comments.
  • Item 9 Record Series Number – Enter the record series number as it appears on the current records retention schedule
  • Item 10 Record Series Title – Enter the record series title exactly as it appears on the current records retention schedule. In cases where a record series does not appear on a schedule, contact Karen Perry at The Division of Revenue Enterprise Services, 609-530-3212.
  • Item 11 Records Retention Period – Enter the retention periods for the expired record series exactly as it appears on the current records retention schedule. If no retention period has been established, contact Karen Perry at The Division of Revenue Enterprise Services, 609-530-3212.
  • Item 12 Inclusive Dates – Dates the From Month/Year dates through the To Month/Year dates of the record series slated for disposal.
  • Item 13 Dispose After – Enter the date the records may be slated for disposal
  • Item 14 Volume – Enter the volume, total number of boxes is sufficient, for each record series and provide a total number of boxes at the bottom of the form.
  • Item 15 Audit Authorization – The Auditor Signature for the Requesting Agency, in Block 15A and date block 15B, for all County and Municipal fiscal records. This must be signed before submission to the Division of Revenue Enterprise Services. State agencies complete items 1 through 14 only, for fiscal records.
  • Item 16 DARM Authorization (Division) – Blocks 16A through 16C are reserved for the Division of Revenue Enterprise Services & Records Management Services.
  • Item 17 Disposition – (These boxes are to be filled out once the form and approval are sent back from the state) Enter the manner in which the records will be disposed in Item 17. In block 17A, include the signature of the official verifying the disposal and the verification date in block 17B.

Once the state approves the form, it will be returned to you with items 16A through 16C completed. A signature in block 16C indicates formal approval of the disposition request. Once destruction of the files is complete, fill out boxes 17, 17A, and 17B, and return to Robert Yufer in Contracting & Procurement.