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University Purchasing Cards

The Purchasing Department is tasked to obtain the best price and service for items that are purchased on behalf of the University. Rowan University receives various discounts from numerous vendors based on spending patterns and amounts that we are able to document. The use of personal and, to some extent, University purchasing cards voids/reduces discounts and may cause a problem with tax exempt purchases in New Jersey. In addition, the credit card purchasing information cannot be entered into the banner history system, may cause problems when dealing with vendors for discounts, and when reporting to the State for compliance. Therefore, all employees should use the Banner Finance System as your first choice for obtaining goods and services. The Purchasing Department offers a number of options for obtaining goods and services:

  • Regular Purchase Orders: Mostly used for single item purchases
  • Standing Purchase Orders: Used for multiple payments of an undetermined amount to a vendor
  • University Purchasing Card (UPC): For items that only accept credit cards or emergency purchases

Although it is an option, the University Purchasing Card should only be used as a supplement for items that are not available through the Purchase Order process or in extreme emergencies.

University Purchasing Card

Request Form

University Purchasing Card Logs Submission Information and Checklist

Please send UPC Logs within 10 days of receiving the bank statement (no later than the 10th of the following month) to the Purchasing Department, 2nd Floor Memorial Hall.

For a copy of the Transaction Log Cover Sheet, please select one of the following format options:

PDF Version: University Purchasing Card Transaction Log

Excel Version: University Purchasing Card Transaction Log


If you are missing a receipt and cannot obtain one from the vendor, please submit a Missing Receipt Affidavit


  • Cardholder & Next Reporting Level Approval Signatures are on Transaction Log
  • If There is a Missing Receipt Affidavit, it is Signed by Cardholder and Next Reporting Level
  • Bank Statement is Attached
  • The Cost of Goods/Services Listed Matches the Total Cost on the Bank Statement and Receipts Correlate with the Purchases
  • That there has been no sales tax charged from vendors located in New Jersey (Rowan Tax Exempt Certificate) Note: If there is sales tax charged by vendors located in NJ, a refund will be requested by the card user

Exceptions for using the University Purchasing Card (university or personal)

  • All computer equipment/software purchases must be made through Information Resources. A list of approved vendors is available from the following link: Approved IT Vendors
  • Reimbursement for entertainment/personal consumption, food/refreshments on and/or off campus

As a state agency, the University is bound to comply with the guidelines set forth by the State of New Jersey’s, Department of the Treasury in its use of appropriated state funds. All unit requests for the payment or reimbursement for entertainment or reception expenditures must comply with University policy on food/refreshments, and have a properly completed Entertainment Form submitted.

Requests for reimbursements should be submitted on a Miscellaneous Disbursement Voucher (MDV), or purchase order if the amount exceeds $500, or Travel Expenditure Voucher (TEV) and must include: (1) a description of the purpose of the expenditure and those persons in attendance except for donors and prospective donors, (2) the signature of the approving authority, and (3) detailed receipt of the purchase. The summary total and credit card receipt are not sufficient.

University Purchasing Card

Additional Information

Blocking Scheme

Policy & Procedures

ShopRite House Account Cards

ShopRite House Account Cards can be used to purchase items from the foodstore. To apply for a ShopRite Card, please fill out the ShopRite Card Request Form. When sending receipts to Accounts Payable, include a Transaction Log.

ShopRite House Account Cards

ShopRite Card Request Form

ShopRite Card Transaction Log

General Information


Please Note: When creating a requisition for the ShopRite Cards, please include the name on the card, and card number, in the commodity description.