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University Purchasing Card

Contact for UPC: Karen James x4504

The Banner Finance System should always be your first choice for obtaining goods and services. The University Purchasing Card should only be used as a supplement for items that are not available through the Purchase Order process or in extreme emergencies.

Additional approvals are needed for:

TECHNOLOGY. All software, computer hardware, and consulting purchases must be reviewed and approved by Information Resources & Technology to ensure they are aligned with institutional priorities and that IRT can support them once activated. Requests for review can be made by filling out the IT Review and Acquisition Form at Self Service Banner, under the Finance Section. This policy applies to all members of the Rowan community who seek to acquire IT Resources using University funds, including University Purchasing Cards, grant funds from contracts and/or transmittal forms between the University and external funding sources (public and private).

ENTERTAINMENT, FOOD/REFRESHMENTS ON AND/OR OFF CAMPUS. As a state agency, the University must comply with the guidelines set forth by the State of New Jersey’s Department of the Treasury in its use of appropriated state funds. All unit requests for the payment or reimbursement for entertainment or reception expenditures must comply with University policy on food/refreshments, and have a properly completed Entertainment Form submitted.

TRAVEL. All travel necessary to conduct regular University business requires the prior approval of the employee's supervisor. A Request for Travel form must be properly completed and approved by the Department and Division Heads. The request should be routed to Accounts Payable for review by the Business and Ethics offices THREE WEEKS PRIOR to the trip.

University Purchasing Card

Request Form

University Purchasing Card Logs Submission Information and Checklist

Please send UPC Logs to Karen James within 10 days of receiving the bank statement (no later than the 10th of the following month) to the Purchasing Department, Room 136, Linden Hall.

Please include the following form: University Purchasing Card Transaction Log

If you are missing a receipt and cannot obtain one from the vendor, please submit a Missing Receipt Affidavit


  • Cardholder & Next Reporting Level Approval Signatures are on Transaction Log
  • If There is a Missing Receipt Affidavit, it is Signed by Cardholder and Next Reporting Level
  • Bank Statement is Attached
  • The Cost of Goods/Services Listed Matches the Total Cost on the Bank Statement and Receipts Correlate with the Purchases
  • That there has been no sales tax charged from vendors located in New Jersey (Rowan Tax Exempt Certificate) Note: If there is sales tax charged by vendors located in NJ, a refund will be requested by the card user

University Purchasing Card

Additional Information

Blocking Scheme

Policy & Procedures


University Fuel Card

A University Fuel Card may be issued to an employee/department for any of these scenarios:

  • You travel frequently by car during the regular course of business
  • You frequently use your University Purchasing Card for fuel purchases

To request an individual card, please fill out the Request Form and Fuel Card Cardholder Agreement below and foward to Karen James in the Office of Contracting & Procurement, Linden Hall 143.

If approved, you will receive a montly transaction report via email. Within 10 days of receiving the report, you must submit all receipts and a monthly transaction log for all purchases noted on the report.

To request a new departmental card with multiple drivers, please fill out the Request Form and Fuel Card Cardholder Agreement. The Department Head must fill out the Fuel Card Cardholder Agreement. Fuel Card User Agreements are required for all drivers in the department who will use the Fuel Card.

To add a driver to an existing departmental card, please fill out the Fuel Card User Agreement for the new driver and forward to Karen James either by email or interoffice mail. PIN numbers cannot be issued without signed card user agreements.


University Fuel Card

Request Form

UFC Transaction Log

Fuel Card Cardholder Agreement

Fuel Card User Agreement (PIN request)


Contact for UFC: Karen James x4504

University Fuel Card Policy


ShopRite House Account Card

Contact for ShopRite Cards: Karen James x4054

ShopRite House Account Cards can be used to purchase items from the grocery store. To apply for a ShopRite Card, please fill out the ShopRite Card Request Form.

After making purchases with the ShopRite card, you must enter a requisition. When creating the requisition, please include the name on the card and the card number in the commodity description field.

Once receiving is completed on the PO, send all receipts, entertainment forms and transaction log to Accounts Payable.


ShopRite House Account Cards

ShopRite Card Request Form

ShopRite Card Transaction Log

General Information