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Doing business with Rowan

This page contains information for current and future vendors of Rowan University.

Vendor shall comply with Rowan’s Standard Terms and Conditions. Any specific vendor terms that conflict with the University’s Terms & Conditions must be clearly stated on the quote submitted for consideration. Any conflict that cannot be resolved will cause the quote to be deemed non responsive.

The University is Tax Exempt .



Only the Office of Contracting & Procurement have the authority to obligate the University for the purchase of goods and services. Any purchases made outside this policy become the sole liability of the individual making the purchase.


Rowan, as a State University, is required to comply with The New Jersey Prompt Payment Act which guarantees payment within sixty (60) days. It should be noted that, Rowan’s internal policy is that we pay all invoices received within thirty (30) days of receipt of the good/service or the invoice whenever possible.

NEW JERSEY PROMPT PAYMENT ACT: In accordance with The New Jersey Prompt Payment Act N.J.S.A. 52: 32-32 et seq. interest must be paid to any business concern that does not receive payment within sixty (60) days from the date the State (1) received good and services or (2) received a properly executed invoice, whichever is later. Where a signed contract exists between the State and a vendor, payment must be made within sixty (60) days of the payment specified in the contract.

Please click here for a printable guide to doing business with Rowan University.


In order to establish a business relationship with Rowan University, the following documents are required:

Requried Documentation
Vendor completed W-9
Business Registration Certificate (BRC) Inquiry
BRC Registration
NJ REG-A/BRC Short Form
NJ REG/BRC Long Form


In addition to the above forms, Vendors are asked to enroll in NJSTART, the State of New Jersey’s new eProcurement portal!

This solution is designed to streamline the procurement process and make it more efficient for companies looking to do business with the State, especially when the purchase amount is $17,500 or above. NJ State Agencies are required to adhere to specific purchasing rules and public laws when the amount spent with any given vendor reaches that amount. The $17,500 threshold applies to single purchases, leases, rental agreements, etc. It applies to the total amount spent with each vendor in any given fiscal year.

By enrolling in NJSTART, Rowan can easily see what certifications your company may or may not have, thus accelerating the purchasing process by gathering necessary paperwork early on. This will also facilitate doing business with ANY NJ State Agency, not just Rowan University!

Please ENROLL now. Registration is easy and takes only a few minutes.

Suppliers can also create their own vendor profiles through the portal, eliminating the need to file duplicate forms every time they submit a proposal for a new contract. Also, NJSTART’s business interface allows for the submission of electronic W-9s for the first time, and it expands the quantity of electronic payments enabling prompt payment.


What Rowan Looks for in Vendors & Suppliers:

  • Quality: The service or project taken on by the vendor should meet or exceed the requirements stated by the University. The vendor should display acceptable results, as well as have an understanding of the overall vision of the University and how it relates to the current project.
  • Flexibility: The quality of service is, in large part, dependent on the flexibility of the vendor. Unseen circumstances should be met with professionalism and expertise.
  • Innovation: Emerging technologies and ideas are encouraged. Producing new and creative methods that prove beneficial to the University are sought after.
  • Customer Service: Responses from vendors should not only be timely, but productive. The vendor should have an understanding of what is to be accomplished and be able to provide solutions not just in the present, but also proactive for future obstacles.
  • Cost Value: As a state University, the Office of Contracting & Procurement must take cost into consideration in order to maximize taxpayer funds. This is not to say that the lowest bid will necessarily win, but is one of many fields taken into consideration.


Bidding Opportunities

Rowan University bids are available to all vendors. It is the goal of The Office of Contracting & Procurement to create fair and equal opportunities to ensure quality and competitiveness among vendors. Rowan also makes an effort to promote small, minority, and/or woman owned businesses and recognizes the importance of diversity when establishing relationships. The University looks to establish efficient and convenient service and processes for its internal users and vendors.

The Office of Contracting & Procurement has a section on its website where available bids can be located. You can find these by choosing the "Bids" category from the side-bar or by selecting the following link:

Bid Advertisements for Rowan University