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Rowan University


The Crossroads at Robinson Green - 'The Test of Time' chosen sculpture

•Art Inclusion Project for Robinson Green

Chosen sculpture info:

'The Test of Time' - by John E. Bannon

This piece was created to encourage physical interaction, it features three separate, overlapping steel arch structures skinned in bronze that anchored to a poured foundation appears to float above the ground.

The Test of Time was designed to complement the landscape and surrounding architecture, it adds to a sense of place within The Crossroads. Bannon noted that "the openness of the composition, absence of a base, and low profile were executed to project a sense of approachability, and invite and encourage interaction."

RCOE - 'OPTICKS' chosen sculpture

Chosen sculpture info:

'OPTICKS' - by Beth Nybeck

This sculpture is inspired by intelligence and the process of shaping one's mind. We often compare learning to building blocks. Inforamtion builds upon each other, crediting a foundation for understanding. Students experience profound learning at a collegiate level that challengers their existing knowledge and perspective of the world.

The artwork "Opticks" is a large-scale geometric human head which is designed to emulate the foramtion of intellect and information.

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Holly Pointe Commons - 'Dreams Take Flight' chosen sculpture

•Art Inclusion Project for the new Holly Pointe Student Housing

Chosen sculpture info:

'Dreams Take Flight' - by David Boyer

This sculpture is a metaphor for the dreams, aspirations, idealism, and drive that inspires young adults to attend college and work toward the achievement of their personal and professional goals. Through higher education, students are elevating their minds in preparation for the challenges that await.

The nine multi-colored masculine/feminine metallic flyers represent Rowan's cohesive campus community made up of diverse individuals. The flyers with their arms spread like souring wings are pushing headlong into the ever-changing winds of life while continually adjusting their course to adapt to a complex world.

Camden Bank Building

Art Inclusion Project for the Camden Bank Building