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Facilities Planning & Operations

Rowan University

Welcome to Facilities Planning & Operations

The Division of Facilities Planning and Operations supports the university’s mission of providing a collaborative, learning-centered environment through its caring stewardship of all buildings, grounds, and public spaces on campus. The Facilities Division helps enrich the lives of those in the campus community and surrounding region by creating and maintaining a welcoming, attractive, and safe physical environment for its residents, students, staff, neighbors, and visitors. The Division of Facilities, Planning and Operations ensures the environmental health and safety of the campus by leading the master planning and campus design, as well as construction, advancing sustainability initiatives; administers environmental health & safety management, Central utilities and Plant operations and maintenance. The Division of Facilities, Planning and Operations supports the university’s ambitious plans to include doubling enrollment to 25,000 students by 2023. To reach that goal, the university will construct a number of new facilities, including buildings for the Colleges of Business and Engineering, a housing village, a health sciences facility and academic buildings to serve the entire university. These projects, valued at more than $500 million of construction over the next five years, will generate much needed construction jobs in the short-term and increase access to higher education in the long-term.



Donald Ellis Moore, Senior Vice President of Facilities Planning & Operations


Facilities Planning & Operations Org Chart

Our Mission

The mission of Facilities Planning & Operations at Rowan University is to create and sustain the physical environment where the University's mission can be fulfilled.

The goals of Facilities Planning & Operations at Rowan are to:

  1. Enhance the learning experience in all areas (i.e. beyond the classroom)
  2. Provide an appealing environment that enhances recruitment and retention (i.e. supports marketing the institution)
  3. Provide a high level of customer service for everyone who comes onto the campus
  4. Be a model for sustainable development
  5. Be stewards of the University's physical assets
  6. Be advocates for maintenance and enhancement of the natural and built environment
  7. Communicate the University's and Facilities' goals to the community
  8. Be ambassadors for the University to all who visit campus
  9. Maintain a safe, efficient environment
  10. Cultivate future donors
  11. Provide leadership in the field of Facilities Planning and Management

Broad objectives of Facilities Planning & Operations at Rowan are to: