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Facilities Planning & Operations

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Frequently Asked Questions about RowanWorks

Q: Should I enter another work request if my job has not been done yet?

A: Only if your first request has been completed or closed and you feel the job is not done. You can look up all your requests under the My Request tab after you login to RowanWorks as a requester. If the work request you are concerned about is not done and is not listed as completed or closed, you can email the technician it is assigned to for an update instead of entering a duplicate request. To write an email to a technician just click on that person’s name under the work request for which you have a concern.

Q: I have more than one problem in my room/apartment/office/etc. Is it alright if I put all the problems on one work request?

A: It depends. If you have more than one problem in the same area, but they all correspond to one craft then you can enter it on one work request (for example if there is a clogged sink and a broken toilet in the same bathroom you may enter them both on one request since they are both plumbing problems). However, if you have problems that do not come under the same craft (such as an electrical problem and an HVAC problem) please enter a separate work order for each problem.

Q: Should I be entering work requests into RowanWorks for Computer Services and Telephone Services?

A: It depends. If you are student living in a dorm or apartment then the answer is yes you should be entering those requests through RowanWorks. However, if you are faculty or staff those requests should be made through either the Support Desk at extension 4400 or by emailing

Q: What happens if I forget to fill in the Building field under step 2?

A: Your work order will still go through, but without a building entered it will delay the scheduling of your work so please remember to fill out what building the work request is in.