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Policies and Procedures

This Administration and Finance Policies and Procedures Manual has been developed to strengthen the management practices of the University and to provide employees and other interested parties with an accessible source of information regarding the policies and procedures, which are appropriate and/or required in each particular situation involving business and/or financial management transactions. The Policy Development & Implementation - Chapter 1.0 provides detailed description on the purpose and usage of the manual. Upon the determination that a revision to the Manual is required, a Request for Policy Revision Form is prepared and submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance for review and approval. The archives will contain the original policies and procedures after the newly revised policies and procedures have been submitted and approved.

Any specific questions concerning the materials covered in the corresponding chapters of the Manual may be directed to the following office/departments responsible for the activity:

Office of Fiscal Affairs/Bole Hall – Joseph Scully, Chief Financial Officer

Accounts Payable –

Invoicing Processing and Disbursements Chapter 8.0
Travel Chapter 9.0
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Exhibit 9-4  
Exhibit 9-5  
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  Exhibit 9-7  
Investments Chapter 12
Entertainment Chapter 22
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  UPC Policy Procedures Blocking Schemes  

Accounting Services – Rick Snyder, Director

Updated policy coming soon.
Grants Chapter 26
  Grants Attachment  

Budget – Sally McCall, Director

Budget Chapter 25.0

Bursar – John Baglio, Director

Cash Receipts Accounting Chapter 6.0
Student Accounting Chapter 7.0
Institutional Borrowing Chapter 11.0

Payroll – Carrie Milligan, Director

Payroll Chapter 14.0

The additional chapters are affiliated with the following:


Records Retention Chapter 2.0
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Risk Management Chapter 17.0
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  Tort Claim Form  
Legal Procedures Chapter 23.0
University Bookstore Chapter 21.01
  Barnes & Noble  

Student Affairs

Dining Services Chapter 21.2
Safety and Loss Control Chapter 15.0
Security Chapter 16.0