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University Advising Center

Welcome to the University Advising Center

The UAC is a collaborative, learning-centered environment committed to engaging students in the development and implementation of meaningful educational goals, informed academic planning, and major selection consistent with their personal values, interests, and abilities. 

UAC currently advises the following undergraduate students:

Department UAC Advises:
Africana Studies 30 - 90 credits
American Studies Students who cannot schedule with faculty advisor
Bioinformatics ≤ 29 Credits
Biological Science ≤ 59 Credits
Computer Science ≤ 59 Credits
English Non-SME ≤ 29 Credits
Exploratory Studies (Undeclared) All
Foreign Language Students until entry into Spanish Reading and Composition
  Initial Spanish minor advising
History Non-SME Sophomore & Junior
Law & Justice Studies ≤ 59 Credits
Mathematics ≤ 59 Credits who do not have a previously established working relationship with a math faculty advisor
Philosophy & Religion New Transfer Info Sessions
Political Science & Economics ≤ 59 Credits
Public Relations/Advertising ≤ 45 Credits
Sociology & Anthropology Minors
Translational Biomedical Sciences <30 credits

Additionally, UAC assists students throughout the University who are seeking to transition from one college or major to another (Change of Major).