Rowan University Art Gallery

Drawing Netowrks: Abstraction and the Scientific

The lyrical and spare abstract drawings of Eva Lee, Henry Mandell, and Karen Margolis straddle the two worlds of art and science simultaneously. All three artists utilize the simplicity of line to create permeable,connective networks, while also generating a complex universe on paper that contains motion, velocity, endless depth and vast space at the same time.  Running parallel to their interest in abstraction and the aesthetic possibilities presented by line is the twin current of science. Their visualization of this  realm through art reveals their version of the wonders of the minute subatomic universe and the immeasurable breadth of the ever-expanding cosmos while also incorporating the laws that govern both the visible and invisible world. In addition, these artists are very conscious of scale, both in the actual physical size of the work and but more importantly, in how they transmute, reconfigure, and blur the barriers between microcosmic elements and immense clusters of particles. Installation views of exhibition.

Equally adept with black and white imagery as with vibrant color, Eva Lee composes abstractions that slide between simple cellular forms and the expansive matter and energy found at the cosmic level. Even though her markings and lines are very precise and contained, she expresses and equates the tremendous energy and force contained on the miniscule quantum level with the macrocosmic while also tapping into the artistic traditions of calligraphy and Abstract Expressionism.

Eva Lee received her BA from Bard  College and her MFA from Huner College. She has exhibited in solo exhibitions at Hunter College, Bard College and A.I.R. Gallery, NY. She has been included in group exhibitions at Wave Hill Gallery, NY, Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, CT and the Heckscher  Museum of Art.

Henry Mandell composes his drawings solely on the computer, using downloaded text that refers to weather reports and other observable phenomena on earth. The text then gets stretched and reconfigured into an illegible form, but one that is then read on purely visual terms. His drawings, and the language contained therein, are deeply connected to chaos theory and its analysis of an underlying order in unstable or non-repetitive systems.

Henry Mandell received his BFA from Ithaca College and has exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions on both coasts, including Metaphor Contemporary Art, Brooklyn, NY, Kerrigan Campbell Art + Projects, NY, and OH+T Gallery, Boston, MA.

The elegant drawings of Karen Margolis are concerned with the intersection of both the delicate structure of the material world and the void of the immaterial. She is drawn to the areas on the edge of perception, where vision is warped. In her work, empty space and the ephemeral acquires mass and solidity. Space and depth perception are also compressed and turned in on itself as she uses the pen to chart a course through the gaps that arise in between the most minute of forms.