Rowan University Art Gallery

Building Structures

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 26th 5:00-7:00pm

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Installation views of the exhibition

Building Structures explores the home from the perspective of the physical barrier that separates the private from the public realm through variations on the simple materials used to fabricate and decorate housing units such as bricks, siding, wallpaper, paint, and wood. The diverse projects of three artists: Diane Carr, Sara Eichner, and Jim Osman transmute these commonplace materials, both physically and visually, into installations, paintings, drawings, and sculpture. These artworks reconsider the usual function of these ubiquitous supplies as structure and support and recast them as metaphors for the experience of transitioning from the private, inner space of the home to the public domain outside the walls. The artists included in Building Structures balance these opposing concerns of public/private by creating projects that meld mass-produced mundane materials into soulful, playful art that is painstakingly arranged, built or lovingly hand-crafted.

In her playful, witty, and sly site-specific installations, Diane Carr employs generic materials, such as foamcore and brown lunch bags, and a heightened color palette to create semblances and parodies of real, dense objects such as wall siding and bricks. She aligns her art closer to the mindset of interior decoration as she plays with a hot, heightened color palette that thrusts these projects out of the realm of pure object into the space of whimsy and imagination.

Diane Carr received her MA in Fine Arts from SVA in New York City and has exhibited in venues on both the east and west coasts that include the Dumbo Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY, Islip Art Museum, Islip, NY, and the Soil Art Gallery, Seattle, WA.

The obsessive, optical paintings of Sara Eichner consist of endlessly repetitive patterns of building materials such as bricks, siding, and shingles. The artist first maps out her compositions on the computer and then laboriously transfers these designs onto her surface. Eichner's paintings are rooted in real objects, but through offbeat color choices such as powder blue, pink, and acidic green and by a deft use of perspective and vector, she transcends the mundane and allows her work to indulge in fantasy.

Sara Eichner received her MA in painting from Syracuse University and has exhibited in New York, New Haven, and Philadelphia.

The artistry of Jim Osman combines interests in flat versus dimensional space, painting, sculpture, and functional objects all found in the home. His sculptural work is neither pure sculpture nor pure object, but a blending of both with decoration, painting, and design added as well. The artist created a site-specific wall painting Wall.Box.Field, for this exhibition. It incorporates painterly and design elements through color as well as three-dimensional objects set into the painting and out into the viewing space.

Jim Osman has a BA and MA in sculpture and drawing from Queens College, NY. He has completed recent site-specific projects at the University of Texas, San Antonio and the Brooklyn Museum of Art for their recent Open House survey of Brooklyn artists.