Rowan University Art Gallery

Clay and the Transferred Image II

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 6, 5 - 7 PM

Exhibiting Artists:

Heather Coffey

Charlie Cummings

Frank James Fisher

David Gamble

Tracy Gamble

Douglas Gray

Jackie Kierans

James Klueg

Naitoh Megumi

Chris Rodi

Meryl Ruth

Ian F. Thomas

Rimas VisGirda

Paul Andrew Wandless

Dryden Wells

Clay and Printmaking have long been combined in various ways, but hasn't really been recognized as its own genre unique unto itself. Its been viewed more as an interesting way for a few artists to place an image or design onto clay. Image transfer on clay explores and experiments with the limitless possibilities of combining two mediums and isn't just cleverly using printmaking techniques to enhance a clay surface. The work created isn't specifically about clay or about printmaking either, but something in-between that occupies its own artistic ground with one foot in clay and one foot in printmaking.

This exhibition features a wide range of claywork that incorporates or was fully created with printmaking techniques. All the artists' narratives were created with printed images and use clay as a versatile surface or vehicle for their ideas to be executed. These artists or clay printers are merging processes, tools and techniques to express themselves visually in a way that is unique, fresh, bold and new. The work created is visually dynamic, technically challenging and intellectually curious. Image transfer on clay is a new voice in the discourse of art utilizing the best of two mediums to explore a new visual and tactile aesthetic.