Rowan University Art Gallery

Common interests; mobility and transformation of public life

Opening Reception: Wednesday, January 30, 5 - 7 pm

January 22 – March 16, 2013 

Common interests: mobility and transformation of public life examines how public spaces - from hardscapes to natural landscapes - inform our everyday lives. Working with sculpture, interventions, social practice, drawing, performance, and video, the artists in the exhibition reflect on the limitations and possibilities of public space, proposing new ways of accessing, navigating, and improving our shared spaces and resources.

Artists include:

Pierluigi Calignano

Sue Jeong Ka
Jonggeon Lee   
Mary Mattingly
Diego Medina
Francesco Simeti
Tattfoo Tan
Lan Tuazon
Alex Villar


Guest Curator, Sara Reisman will give a talk about artistic and curatorial projects in which contemporary art and the public realm intersect and public art in New York City. Date TBD