Rowan University Art Gallery


Opening Reception: Thursday, March 28, 5 - 7 pm

Rowan University Art Gallery welcomes the upcoming exhibition, Cosmobilities. The show brings together international artists' working in traditional and experimental media to relate themes of mobility/immobility in a global context. Cosmobilities is on display from March 25 through May 11, 2013 with a reception on Thursday, March 28, 5 - 7 p.m.


Using multi-media installations including paintings, sculpture, fabric panels and video, drawings and photography that result from public action the artists examine the accessibility, demobilization, geography, geology and ecological change in the world.


Greater Philadelphia area (Julia Blaukopf, Roderick Coover, Jayasinjhi Jhala, Michelle Marcuse, Andrea Marquis, Teresa Pereira, Mark Price and Ana Vizcarra Rankin) and New York City and New Jersey (Rodolfo Edwards and Rafael Rosario Laguna, Andrew Harrison), in combination with a number of young European artists based in France (Denis Trauchessec), Italy (Marialuisa Pastò, Chiara Quadri and Chiara Raffo) and Poland (Aleksandra Ignasiak and Andrzej Sieczkowski).


Two on-site performative actions will take place. Polish artist Aleksandra Ignasiak and partner photographer Andrzej Sieczkowski create public actions directed at adding color to often colorless urban streetscape "un-grey the city." Andrew Harrison will activate his public engagement work April 8 – 19. Drawing Glassboro: 10 Movements, is an analog drawing machine, attached to the rear of a bike, records the chance movements that occur during a series of 10 rides, each generating a separate drawing, in and around Glassboro.


Photographer, designer and globe-trotter Julia Blaukopf presents a series of fabric panels of various sizes based on images she has captured while exploring the social fabric around the globe. In these mostly monochromatic pieces the subtle display of ethnic textures, in combination with emblems of everyday life, reflect a cognizant awareness of the ever shifting politics and complexities of tourism and women's work, together with the artist's own nomadic lifestyle.



Roderick Coover, a visual anthropologist, filmmaker and new media artist, combines his experimental approach to audiovisual storytelling with the use of the panoramic print to expand our perception of geography, space and place. Three Rails Live is a combinatory narrative film designed for installation. Rodolfo Edwards, a Chilean architect and artist currently based in New York City, has developed an inter-media project based on the meticulous approach to collage based on the grid as a painterly strategy that guides his manipulation and projection of space onto the canvas.


In his ongoing 20 year Breathings series – whimsical sculptural mobiles are made up of organic materials such as Baroque pearls, feathers, gemstones and ostrich eggs –Jayasinhji "Bapa" Jhala, a visual anthropologist and filmmaker, explores his personal genealogy as well as the geography and geology of his native Gujarat, together with the rest of the world known to him through ethnography and fieldwork.


Michelle Marcuse delves into the recesses of the subconscious mind while visually reinterpreting her own intimate dream states as sites of powerful transformation. Through the use of precious and atypical materials such as silver leaf, encaustic and resin, Marcuse creates fantastic worlds within worlds that enchant the mind as much as they engage the spirit.


Rafael Rosario Laguna's Archipelago series speaks to the existential nature of humankind as it considers its individual existence within the collective. An homage to his own roots in Puerto Rico, the islands in this archipelago float adrift as though carried by an inexorable current, softly and perhaps a little tragically in their interconnected isolation.


Andrea Marquis creates a moiré inspired, wall-based installation that comments on the transitory nature of light through the effective projection of an optical illusion based on movement and texture in response to the gossamer nature of the layers of netting.


Marialuisa Pastò, Chiara Quadri, and Chiara Raffo present two photographic images from the series Miss Padania. "Padania" is a geographical name used to denote the Po Valley in Italy. By this word, the political secessionist movement "Lega Nord" means also an abstract entity corresponding to the current political-administrative northern Italy. Until today the term maintains a strong political connotation and the Lega Nord party instituted a beauty contest: Miss Padania. "Miss Padania" is a project created to underline the deep connection between the individual and the territory to which s/he belongs.


Ana Vizcarra Rankin's large scale maps chart the heavens as well as the continents of the planet. Inspired by ancient cartography in their malleability and sturdiness, her paintings depict the phenomenological coordinates of her sense of being in and of the world.


Created specifically for Cosmobilities, the one of a kind installation of De Urbe Mutanti, an "alchemical" sculpture by Denis Trauchessec, invites the public to reconsider notions of change and stasis within the spatial context of the urban milieu.


Teresa Pereira introduces another context for nomadism based on the geography of the United States viewed from an aerial perspective. Her take on the role of the documentarian is complemented by an experimental approach to editing that results in an innovative take on the travelogue.


Printmaker and experimental musician and composer Mark Price introduces a new series of asymmetrical abstract prints that explore the dynamic relationship between lines and fields through his vibrant use of color and rhythmic patterns.