Rowan University Art Gallery


WHYY Friday Arts, May 1, 2015


Rowan University Art Gallery Publications:

Chromography: Writing in Color


Mel Chin: Disparate Acts


Tom Nussbaum: Heads and Tales


Joyce Kozloff: Cradles to Conquests

Willie Cole: Deep Impressions


The Women of the Sylvia Sleigh Collection

Beverly Semmes: The Feminist Responsibility Project

Acting Out


Hurts So Good


Available in hardcopy


Ben Polsky: Structural Process

Jackie Tileston: Chromatopia


Building Structures

Jill Moser: Naming Game

Stefanie Nagorka: Aisle Tour


Private Lives: Nuno de Campos & Magali Nougarède


Margot de Wit: A Retrospective 1936-1996