During the Fall of 2012 (students’ names) participated in a Exploring New Energy alternatives Relevant to Generation Y (Project ENERGY), a National Science Foundation funded project led by Physics Professor Tabbetha Dobbins. Students discussed various types of energy including fuel cells, wind turbines, geothermal power, solar power, and hydrogen powered internal combustion engines. Hands on activities included building alternative fuel cars-- which showed students that water (as a fuel source) could power a car without harmful emissions.

In addition to learning the science behind how this vehicle operates, students discussed what it means for society when these new technologies enter the market place. Importantly, students also gained a sense of self awareness with guest lecturers (Kimberly Whitehead, Rowan Camden and Demond Miller, Rowan Dept. of Sociology) who challenged the students to describe "what's fueling their future goals" and "how can the students develop ideas to participate as entrepreneurs in the sustainable economy".