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We offer 3 programs. See below for more information:

1. The Intensive English Language Progam

2. The Pathway Program

3. Conditional Admission Program - for international undergraduate and graduate students!

For more information about any of our programs, e-mail the Rowan ELP

The Intensive English Language Program (IELP)

Located in Camden, New Jersey, and directly across from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the IELP at Rowan University is ideally located to provide international students with an intimate learning environment along with access to a thriving and exciting city life. Teachers and students take regular trips to Philadelphia to explore the cultural and historical sites and to partake in the city’s world-renowned culinary delights.

The IELP is a non-credit program designed for international students who need to improve their academic English proficiency in order to attend university in the United States. This is a five-level non-credit program in which students take classes ranging from Intensive Reading & Writing to American Literature and Oral Presentation Skills.

Students who successfully complete the IELP may matriculate into the university without the requisite TOEFL/IELTS scores. Successful completion of the IELP is determined by:

  • A minimum GPA of 2.5 in the IELP
  • A minimum exit score on the IELP Exit Test
  • Passing evaluation of IELP portfolio by Writing Arts and IELP faculty
  • Adherence to university and IELP polices on academic integrity and attendance

Go to: IELP for more information about the program

For the IELP I-20 application, go to:

For more information about the IELP, e-mail


The Pathway Program for International Students

International students applying to the university for an undergraduate bachelor's degree with TOEFL/IELTS scores below the university requirements, may be eligible for university admission through the Pathway Program. While in the Pathway Program, students will take IELP academic English classes in the morning and carefully selected university classes in the afternoon.

The Pathway Program is for incoming freshmen only. Transfer students who need to improve their English language proficiency can apply directly to the non-credit IELP.

Admissions Requirements*:

Students will apply to the university admissions department using the university application. Students elgible for the Pathway Program will meet the following requirements:

  • All university academic requirements. Go to International undergraduate admissions for university admission requirements and the university application
  • TOEFL score between 65 - 78 (inclusive)
  • IELTS score between 4.5 - 5.5 (inclusive)

*Admission to the Pathway Program provides general admission to the university. Admission into restricted university programs, such as business, engineering and education, is determined by the department after the student successfully completes the Pathway Program.

Unique Components of the Pathway Program:

  • Offers university admission to students with below requisite TOEFL/IELTS scores
  • Students receive university admissions letter and I-20
  • Students may be able to complete their bachelors degree in four years
  • Students receive the extra support of a strong learning community


Pathway Program Sample Schedule *


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-10:15 Academic Writing Oral Presentation Skills Academic Reading Oral Presentation Skills Academic Writing
10:30-11:45 Academic Writing Structured Tutoring Academic Reading Structured Tutoring Academic Writing
Afternoon-times vary   Intro to Sociology   Intro to Sociology  
Afternoon-times vary Calculus* Intro to Acting* Calculus* Intro to Acting* Calculus

*This is a sample schedule. Student schedules may vary. By the end of the academic Pathway year (2 semesters) students may have completed 21 - 27 credits toward their degree

For more information about the Pathway Program, e-mail

Conditional Admission Program

Provides conditional admission to students who meet all university admission requirements except language score requirements.


1. Apply directly to the university by going to: Rowan University Admissions

2. If all admission requirements are met except language, you will receive a conditional admission letter

3. You will then apply to the IELP

4. Once you successfully complete the IELP, you will notify admissions of your intent to enroll in degree studies ( you do not have to reapply)

5. University admissions will provide you with a letter of full admission

5. The IELP will transfer your I-20 to the university for a degree-seeking I-20

For more information about the Conditional Admission Program, e-mail



Mandatory health and immunization requirements

All students must submit the university mandatory health forms. Click here for more information and to download the forms.


Rowan University Health Insurance

All international IELP students must have health insurance to study at Rowan University. To sign-up for Rowan's health insurance click here.