Rowan University at Camden

Welcome to Rowan University at Camden!

Rowan University at Camden offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. Day and evening courses are offered to accomodate the needs of our student population.

Support services are available at Rowan University at Camden, including Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF), Admissions, Counseling, Advising, Registration, and Financial Aid. In addition, the campus provides an English as a Second Language (ESL) Program. The intensive program provides non-native speakers of the English language an opportunity to study English, improve their language and academic skills, and take Rowan courses at the same time.

In addition, Rowan University at Camden offers some support services in collaboration with other city institutions including the library and recreation center.

Undergraduate Programs

Exploratory Studies provides an academic home for students with fewer than 60 credits who are not yet ready to select a major. Students in the Exploratory Studies program are housed within the interdisciplinary center of the College of Humanities & Social Sciences. Exploratory Studies students receive academic and professional advising from the Career and Academic Planning Center to assist in identifying majors of interest.

Law and Justice focuses on the study of crime, criminal law, and the criminal justice system. Research project opportunities and field trip experiences are provided to complement classroom study. Additional experience-for-credit is encouraged through independent study and participation in internships at law and justice organizations and employers.

Sociology: Study different cultures and societies while developing reasoning, problem-solving and communication skills. Many courses feature a research component involving field assignments to collect and analyze data.

Graduate Programs

The Certificate of Graduate Study (COGS) in ESL is a 16-credit, graduate level program that provides opportunities for individuals to become NJ certified K-12 English as a Second Language or Bilingual/Bicultural teachers. Click here for more details on the ESL or Bilingual certification program, or contact Dr. Beth Wassell at

Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership – This program is designed for practicing educators such as teachers, supervisors, principals, and professionals from related fields. By integrating academic instruction with opportunities to apply leadership theory to actual workplace problems, the program aims to foster community and provide a peer support network. Applications are currently being accepted for the Fall 2012 cohort. Please click here to learn more about the doctoral program.

Applying to Rowan at Camden

If you are interested in applying to Rowan University at Camden, please visit or call our office at (856) 361-2900 and speak to a member of the admissions team.