Minor in Environmental Studies

This minor will provide an avenue for students from a wide variety of backgrounds to obtain grounding in the principles and practices of Environmental Studies as well as specialized knowledge to meet work-related, research-related, and individual goals.


Fundamental core 6SH
ENST94.101 Environmental Studies - Physical Perspectives (3 SH)
ENST94.102 Environmental Studies - Social Perspectives (3 SH)

Scientific Foundations 8SH
CHEM05.102 Chemistry of Everyday Life (4 SH)
BIOL01.112 General Biology Environmental Focus (4 SH)

Social Science Foundations 6SH
GEOG06.193 Introduction to the Mapping and Geographic Information Science (3 SH) SOC08.120 Intro to Sociology OR SOC08.221 Social Problems (3 SH)

Select two of the following three courses.
ENST94.301 Environmental Ethics (3 SH)
SOC08.400 Environment Policy and Society (3 SH)
GEOG06.360 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) I (3 SH)


Upon completion of this minor program, students will:
• Take a more perceptive view of the environment around them by learning ideas, principles and relationships within and between the different environmental components.
• Be able to apply analytical, quantitative and problem-solving skills in environmental related issues
• Be able to identify and apply fundamental concepts and theories in environmental related issues
• Be able to analyze data and draw reasonable and valid inferences
• Be able to communicate about environmental related issues
• Be able to apply techniques, methods and tools used in the environmental field.
• Have an appreciation for the role and impact of ethics in environmental decisions.