Citrix Receiver for Android

Installing the Citrix Receiver
To download the Citrix Receiver App for your Android device, you can search for the Citrix Receiver in the Google Play Store. Search for “Citrix Receiver” in the store. Select the "Download" to install the Receiver.

Press the “Accept and Download” button on the Citrix Receiver App store page to begin downloading the App. You may be prompted for your Google account password.

Logging into Rowan Virtual Apps

Once the Citrix Receiver is installed on your Android device, you can launch it at any time by clicking the Citrix Receiver icon.

Welcome you’ve first opened the Citrix Receiver, you will be taken to a Citrix Receiver welcome screen. Click “Setup my Enterprise Apps" to begin logging into Rowan Virtual Apps.

When asked for an address, type the following into the text field:

When finished, press “Next” to proceed.

After you’ve clicked “Next”, you will be asked to provide additional login information. In the Description field, type a description that will help you identify the account (example: “Rowan Virtual Apps”). In the Username field, type your Rowan network username. In the Password field, type your Rowan network password. In the Domain field, type the following: rowanads

Once you’ve entered your information, press “Add” to continue.

Once you’ve logged on, a list of folders and applications will appear for you to browse through. Press on any available application to launch the App on your Android device.

For more info, please see our Information page