Windows Installation Instructions

Important note:
Please make sure you are not connected to the Rowan VPN client when running the VMware View client. The VPN negatively impacts the speed of the VMware client.

Click the appropriate link to download the client for your system:

Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 [32 bit VMware View 5.0 client]
Windows Windows 7 [64 bit VMware View 5.0 client]

-When prompted, the server address is

Step-byStep Instructions:

After clicking the download link, choose "Save File"

In the folder where you saved the file, double-click it to run. When asked for confirmation to open the file, Click "OK"

Click "Run"

On the Welcone screen, click Next

Click Next on the End User Patent Agreement window

On the Custom Setup window, Click the USB Redirection option and choose "Run All from my computer" and then click Next

Enter on the Default Server window

Click Next on the Enhanced Single Sign On window. Do not choose to "Set default option to login as current user" unless your Windows username and password is the same as your Rowan Network username and password.

Choose where you would like the VMware View Client shortcut(s) to be and click Next

Click Install

Once the install is complete, click Finish

Click Yes to Restart your computer

Once your computer has restarted, double-click the VMware View Client shortcut

Enter and click Connect

Enter your Rowan Network username and password and click Login

Select "RowanCloud Preview" and click Connect. (If you would like to run the client in Full Screen mode, choose "Full Screen" from the drop-down in the lower right-hand corner and click Connect)


A Windows 7 virtual desktop will then load.  The first time you login the process will take a few minutes.  Subsequent logins will load much more quickly.

Once the virtual desktop is loaded, you can access the RowanCloud Preview Applications from the Start Menu.

You can save your work to your home directory (it mounts, along with the openarea, in My Computer when you login) which you can then also access from your computer.

For more info, please see our Information page