About Us

Mission Statement
Our mission is to further educate students about the public and managerial accounting professions. The Accounting Society is dedicated to providing students with knowledge that would not be traditionally taught in the classroom. This includes but is not limited to; Job opportunities, CPA exam tips, resume building, networking skills, and etc.

Article I – Name
The name of this organization shall be Accounting Society, Rowan University student chapter.

Article II – Purpose
The purpose of this organization shall be to provide students with the ability to prepare for their future careers in accounting. We will also keep the students informed of job opportunities in their field. We will accomplish our goals through resume and interview workshops, networking with other campus clubs and organizations, and other informative seminars. We will invite guest speakers and alumni of Rowan University to discuss different career paths that are available in the accounting fields. Another goal is to promote social interaction with other students and give back to the community. We will accomplish these goals by sponsoring events outside the academic area (ex., picnics, plays, and community service projects)

Article III – Membership A regular member shall be a student who attends at least (3) meetings per semester, participates in at least one service project (for the school year), and participates in at least one fundraiser (for the school year).

Article IV – Officers
Section I: The officers of this organization shall be a President, Executive Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Section II: The directors of this organization shall be a Director of Public Relations, Director of BOBA relations, Director of SGA Senate Relations, and one to four Directors of VITA Relations. Section III: The Executive committee consists of the officers and the directors of this organization. Section IV: The president shall preside at all meetings along with the Executive Committee. The president shall appoint all standing and special committees and there shall be a committee chairperson in each committee. The committee chairperson shall call meetings, suggest policies, and shall be held responsible for the progress and work of his or her officers. Section V: In the absence of the President, the Executive Vice President shall perform all duties belonging to that office. Section VI: In the absence of the President and the Executive Vice President, the Second Vice President shall perform all duties belonging to the office. The Second Vice President shall also act as a coordinator of guest speakers to the organization. He or she shall use the contact information and/or ideas from the Executive Committee and members of the organization to arrange for guest speakers with the supervision of the President. Section VII: The Secretary shall keep a permanent record of all meetings and meeting attendance of the organization. As directed by the President, he or she shall carry on the correspondence pertaining to affairs of the organization. Section VIII: The Treasurer shall receive all funds belonging to the organization, and deposit them immediately in the Rowan University Fund Account. He or she shall keep an itemized account of receipts and expenditures, and make a written report of them at each meeting. He or she shall sign vouchers for withdrawal of all funds, shall see that these vouchers are approved by the faculty advisor, and shall process them according to Students Financial Control Board when a representative of our organization is requested. Section IX: The Director of Public Relations shall be responsible for ensuring proper advisement of the club and its activities. He or she shall appoint related duties to all club officers and make sure they are carried out appropriately. Section X: The Director of BOBA Relations shall act as the organization’s representative of the Rowan University Bureau of Business Administration (BOBA). They shall inform the organization in a formal report the activities and ideas from the BOBA meetings. Section XI: Director of SGA Senate Relations shall attend all of his or her duties including attending all the meetings of the Student Government. He or she will also keep our organization informed and give reports of what happened at each meeting. He or she shall also abide to any rules of the SGA. Section XII: All officers and directors shall be the organization’s representatives and act in the best interest of the organization. He or she shall respectfully represent the organization.

Article V – Election of Officers
Section I: The election of all officers shall be done on anonymous ballet at a general meeting held near the end of the first semester of the school year. Newly elected officers will possess all duties and powers of their positions at the date of election with the current officers acting as advisors for the second semester of the school year.
Section II: The term of the office shall be one year, followed by one semester of advising new officers, and shall begin the first day following the election.
Section III: Should a vacancy in the office occur between elections or a new office is deemed necessary, it shall be filled through appointment by the President, subject to Executive Committee’s approval.

Article VI – Meetings
Section I: There shall be at least eight meetings of the organization during the college year. The president and his or her Executive Committee shall determine the time and place of these meetings.
Section II: Special meetings shall be held at the call of the President or upon written request of ten percent of the members, or the need to such occurrences deemed viable by all Executive Committee members.
Section III: Robert’s Rule of Order, or a similar recognized standard, shall be the authority or parliamentary procedure on all matters not covered by the constitution and by-laws of the organization.
Section IV: The following shall be the format for the organizational meeting unless it is changed by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the meeting.
1. Roll Call
2. Approval of minutes from the previous meeting.
3. Any changes or additions to agenda.
4. Reading of correspondence.
5. Report of the President.
6. Report of the Executive Vice President.
7. Report of the Second Vice President.
8. Report of the Treasurer.
9. Report of the Director of Public Relations.
10. Report of the Director of BOBA Relations.
11. Report of the Director of SGA Relations.
12. Report of the Directors of VITA Relations.
13. Committee Reports.
14. Old Business.
15. New Business.
16. The Program.
17. Any concerns or comments from the other members.
18. Adjournment.

Article VII – Committees
Section I: The Executive Committee shall have full authority to act upon matter of business, which arise between regular meetings. It shall give general direction to the organization’s program and fill vacancies in offices, which arise between elections. It shall approve expenditures of money.
Section II: It shall be the duty of all committees to function as representative groups with the purpose of promoting the welfare of the organization as a whole. All reports to the organization shall be presented in writing for the records of the Secretary. The President may appoint special committees if it is deemed necessary by the organization of the Executive Committee.

Article VIII – Neglect of Duties
Section I: Any duty elected or appointed officer of the Executive Committee may be charged with a serious violation of this constitution.
Section II: A warning must be given to the officer in question. If a warning(s) does not seem to have a positive effect according to the Executive committee, a vote of the organization will be call upon. A two-thirds majority vote shall be required to uphold any charge.
Section III: The charged, upon conviction, shall lose their position or may have any other appropriate penalty levied against him or her with the approval of the organization.

Article IX – Amendments
Section I: This constitution and by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a regular meeting, provided notice in writing of a proposed amendment presented at the previous regular meeting. All approved amendments shall be submitted to the SGA.