Mark Errera

• Serves as liaison for the Accounting Society
• Appoints board members and also holds power to reprimand ineffective officers or members.
• Conducts general and executive board meetings.
• Oversees all operations of officers and members.
• Schedule all meetings through 25Live.
• Communicate club updates to the clubs advisors.
• Communicate club updates to members.

Executive Vice President
Alexey Kulpin

• Create a list of potential speakers and organizations to reach out to.
• Make first contact with potential speakers and send them our open meeting dates to try to find one that will work with their schedule.
• Provide directions to speakers.
• Arrange parking 2 weeks in advance or as soon as possible with Walter Andres.
• Confirm speaker attendance 3 to 5 days before the scheduled meeting.
• Contact guest speakers with thank you messages.
• Act in place of President in his/her absence.
• Cc the President on all emails to the Speakers.

Second Vice President
Edgar Galindo

• Coordinate and ensure completion of service projects (including proper SGA documentation).
• Coordinate and ensure completion of fundraisers (including submitting proper SGA documentation).
• Coordinate club activities and trips.
• Keep the members up to date through email about the fundraisers and service projects.
• All of the SGA paperwork that must be filled out, their due dates, along with the requirements for the service projects and fundraisers to be approved by the SGA, can all be found on the SGA website. If there are any questions regarding them, the SGA executive VP is the person to contact.

Mark Czajkowski

• Maintain and keep up to date with the Account Society Account Budget.
- Fill out purchase orders at SGA office to corresponding destinations to supply food and beverage at meetings.
- Help out with fundraising and give any monies raised or received via checks to Nancy at SGA in order for the proceeds to be deposited in our EXTRA account.
- Take into consideration budget restraints when planning trips.
• Prepare the budget
• Attend treasurer’s workshop and budget hearing
• Order pizza and refreshments for each meeting

Sydne Hageman

• Responsible for recording meeting's minutes and attendance at each meeting.
• Send meeting attendance and minutes to the President.
• Quarterly report to the SGA with the attendance and minutes plus the questions on the form.
• Keep track of the students that participate in the fundraisers and service projects.

Public Relations Director
Christina Barclay

• Submit meeting announcements to Rowan Announcer and COB Bottom Line.
• Hang fliers in strategic locations around Bunce Hall for upcoming accounting society meetings.
• Email announcements about meetings to Dr. Zhang prior to Accounting Society meetings so that she can send out an email to Accounting/Business students.
• Announce meetings, service projects and any other updates on Facebook.

SGA Representative
Christine Wong

• Attend bi-weekly SGA meetings.
• Attend SGA Senator workshop.
• Check organization's mailbox in SGA Suite.
• Serves as liaison between Accounting Society and SGA.
• Any other requirements mandated by the SGA Constitution.

BOBA Representative
Sean Kearney

• Attend all BOBA meetings (monthly)/ events and act as Accounting Society representative.
• Report to BOBA (Bureau of Business Administration) about any new activities, events, trips, or meetings the Accounting Society has coming up. Also, report on past meetings and feedback on the speaker.
• Take notes at the BOBA meetings and listen to all information and relay relevant information to the other Accounting Society officers.

Underclassmen Liaison
Suzy Pham

• Making Announcements concerning the club to underclassmen in classes.
• Making Announcements concerning the club meetings to underclassmen in classes.
• Working with PR to hand out flyers to underclassmen about the Accounting Society.
• Representing the Accounting Society at any Rowan Informational Sessions geared towards Underclassmen if need be.
• Be a voice for underclassmen.

George Romeo

Mei Zhang

Email us at with any questions.