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Athletic Training at Rowan University began when William Reinheimer, ATC was hired in 1978. He served as Head Athletic Trainer and a mentor to a number of students until 1982, when he left for physical therapy school. Gerard Scibilia, ATC, took over and began to develop classes geared toward preparing students to sit for the BOC, Inc examination via the internship route offered by the NATA. The two initial classes developed for the Athletic Training Program were Safety and First Aid, Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries and Advanced Techniques in Athletic Injuries. Physical Assessment of Athletic Injuries, a two-credit class was added in 1985, later expanded two three credits in 1987.

Chuck Whedon, MS, ATC, took over for Mr. Scibila in 1986. At this time, the course Physical Modalities and Therapeutic Exercise in Athletic Training were added, followed in 1988 by Field Experiences in Athletic Training. There were four Athletic Training Students in the program at that time. That number steadily grew to between fifteen and twenty during the internship route years. Advanced Emergency Care was added in 1988, as was Basic Nutrition and Exercise Prescription to round out the other course offerings of the Health and Physical Education Department.

The move towards an accredited curriculum program, rather than internship program, occurred in 1996 when Mr. Whedon wrote the first self-study for submission to Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). Kent Scriber, PHD, ATC, visited from Ithaca College and served as a critical consultant of programmatic needs. As a result of the self-study, Marsha Grant-Ford was hired in 1997 as the first program director, and a renovation of the Esbjornson Athletic Training Facility was done to provide a more suitable teaching station.

Because of the move to an accredited program, sweeping curricular changes followed, which included the addition of the four Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training, Introduction to Athletic Training, and Senior Seminar in Athletic Training. Field Experiences was changed to Organization and Administration in Athletic Training and expanded to three credits and Therapeutic Exercise and Therapeutic Modalities were separated into three credit courses each. Also in 2000, Douglas Mann, DPE, ATC, was hired as the second Athletic Training faculty position. Mrs. Grant-Ford left for Montclair University the following year, moving Dr. Mann to the Curriculum Director position and Robert Sterner, PhD, ATC, hired in 2001, as the Coordinator of Clinical Education.

The Rowan University Athletic Training Education program was reviewed and accredited by the CAAHEP via The Joint Review Committee on Athletic Training in Fall 2000.

In 2005, the program was re-accredited on the stipulation that an assistant Athletic Trainer be hired. Rowan was fortunate enough to secure the services of Colleen Grugan, MS, ATC. The ATP is currently accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE).
In 2008, the CAATE reaccredited the ATP for ten years. Our program was one of the first to attain such a lengthy re-accreditation period. Also, the ATP moved from a specialization program to a degree program. Historically, students received a BA in Health and Physical Education with a specialization in Athletic Training. As of September 2008, students receive a BS in Athletic Training.