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Rowan University Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma

Rowan University



The purpose of these bylaws is to state the ways in which the provisions of the constitution shall be applied to the government of the Rowan University Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter, and to establish rules and procedures, within the limits set by the Beta Gamma Sigma Governing Documents, for the operation of the Rowan University Chapter.


These bylaws are not a restatement of the constitution, but an interpretation and amplification thereof. The provisions of the constitution shall be applied literally to all matters that are not covered by these bylaws.


The officers of the Rowan University Chapter shall be the following:

  1. President: The chapter shall select a faculty member as President of the chapter.
  2. Secretary - Treasurer: The chapter shall select a faculty member as Secretary of the chapter.
  3. Vice President(s): The chapter shall select either a faculty member or student member or both to fill the position(s) of Vice President of the chapter.

All officers shall assume office at the beginning of the fiscal year following their election. In the event that the president is unable to complete the term of office, the vice president shall serve out the remainder of that term as president.

Section 1. Duties of the President

The president shall:

  1. preside at all meetings of the chapter;
  2. appoint the members of the invitation-ceremony committee and the audit committee;
  3. officially represent the chapter to the university, other chapters, the Board of Governors, and to other organizations; and
  4. perform such other duties as may reasonably fall within the office.

Section 2. Duties of the Vice President

The vice president shall exercise the duties and responsibilities of the president when the latter is for any reason unable to execute them. The Chapters may elect more than one vice president to accomplish additional duties as defined by the chapter.

Section 3. Duties of the Secretary - Treasurer

The secretary-treasurer shall:

  1. serve as an ex officio member of the nominating committee;
  2. arrange for the scholastic information needed by the nominating committee for selection of nominees;
  3. communicate with each person elected in order to serve notice of election and obtain an acceptance or rejection of the invitation to membership;
  4. order certificates and jewelry for the induction ceremony from the Central Office;
  5. release the names of the newly elected members to the press;
  6. send membership data profile (MDP’s) containing the names and permanent addresses of members to the Central Office within ten (10) days following induction;
  7. pay to the Central Office the lifetime membership fee of (U.S.) within ten (10) days after each induction;
  8. receive, disburse, and keep custody of the funds of the chapter;
  9. provide the annual audit report to the members of the chapter at the first meeting following the annual audit;
  10. keep official minutes of the chapter, including copies of all committee reports;
  11. keep the official file of correspondence of the chapter;
  12. notify members of meetings in writing at least one week prior to the meeting;
  13. keep an up-to-date copy of the chapter constitution and bylaws on file with the Central Office;
  14. send the name of the chapter delegate to the biennial convention to the Central Office at least two weeks prior to the meeting;
  15. furnish the chapter delegate to the biennial convention with the proper credentials duly signed by the chapter president and secretary-treasurer;
  16. furnish the Central Office with material which may be of general interest to active and alumni members and other chapters (this includes materials on collegiate chapter activities and the biography of chapter honorees); and
  17. complete and submit Survey of Acceptance Rates by the deadline date. This form determines chapter eligibility for the BGS Scholarship and Outstanding Chapter competition; and
  18. perform such other duties as may reasonably fall within this office.

The secretary-treasurer may arrange for assistance in one or more of the duties outlined above from a member or members of the chapter. Typically, the secretary-treasurer serves in the role of the Faculty Advisor.


Section 1. Nominating Committee

Annually, there shall be a nominating committee that shall have exclusive right to make nominations for election to membership. This committee shall submit a list of nominees for membership to the active members of the chapter before each duly called election meeting. The nominating committee shall consist of at least three members, two of whom shall be members of the administration, faculty and research staff of Rowan University. The secretary-treasurer shall be an ex officio member of this committee.

Section 2. Invitation-Ceremony Committee

Annually, there shall be an invitation-ceremony committee composed of the president, the secretary-treasurer, and such other active members of Beta Gamma Sigma as the president shall appoint. The life of this committee shall be its year of appointment.

Section 3. Audit Committee

Annually, there shall be an audit committee composed of two or more active members of the chapter appointed by the president. One of these members must be a student and one must be a member of the faculty. The life of this committee shall be its year of appointment.

Section 4. Other Standing Committees

Additional standing committees may be elected by the membership if they are needed to conduct collegiate chapter activities.


These bylaws may be amended by a three-fourths vote of the members present at a duly called meeting of the Rowan University Chapter. No amendment to these bylaws shall be effective until a copy of the amendment has been filed with the Central Office.

Date approved: April 15, 2003 - Linda Ross, Stephanie Weidman