Service Projects 


1.  Rowan Camden Campus Pre-School

a.  Runs all day every day

b.  You can take the shuttle from the main campus

c.   Work with pre-schoolers and do activities with them

2.  Clean and Green

a.  October 29th

b.  Club-wide

c.   Clean a section of campus

3.  Big Brothers/Big Sisters

4.  Glassboro Child Development Centers

a.  October 21st and November 4th from 3-4

b.  Transportation is provided

c.   Sign up at the SLVCE office in SC 210

5.  Story hour at Tri-Count Head-Start

a.  October 13th and November 10th at 10a.m.

b.  It involves reading enrichment and crafts

c.   Work with children ages 2-4

d.  Transportation is provided

e.  Sign up at the SLVCE office

6.  Student Center Haunted House



For ALL Service Projects, members must supply proof of participation. This can be a note from an administrator, boss, or organization, t-shirt, brochure, or documentation with provided information of the activity or opportunity you participated in. If there is something else you have participated in or have any ideas or questions, please contact the Vice President.


The Elementary Education Club is driven by its service projects. SGA mandates that recognized club members MUST participate in AT LEAST one service project per semester.  However, the Elementary Education Club strongly encourages its members to take part in much, much more. The club looks for enthusiastic and motivated members to work with children throughout local communities.  Participating club members gain valuable experiences that they can bring with them into the field of elementary education.



Any suggestions or comments for future service projects, please contact Paige Sydoruk, club Vice-President (see “officers” link).