In front row from left to right: Jenna-Rose Fraser, Alexcia Mazahreh
In back row from left to right: Michael Campanella, Paul Derose, Yasif Arif, Grantham Jensen, Dr. Daniel Folkinshteyn, Frank Flaiano, Kyle O’Connor
Not pictured: Dr. Ozge Uygur

President – Alexcia Mazahreh

• Serves as liaison to the chapter and faculty advisor.

• Appoints board members and also holds power to reprimand ineffective officers or members.

• Conducts general and executive board meetings.

• Oversees all operations of officers and members.

• Webmaster

Executive Vice President – Shannon Mahalik

• Assume the responsibilities of the president in his/her absence at all chapter events.

• Coordinate and direct the activities of all committees and board positions.

• Call for all committee and board members reports to be submitted to the President.

• Help prepare the budget

Treasurer – Kyle O'Connor

• Report to the chapter's Executive Board on all matters regarding

the financial status of the chapter.

• Maintain accurate records of chapter dues and submit the applications and fees

to the FMA office in a timely manner.

• Track and maintain individual fundraising accounts within umbrella FMA account.

• Prepare a tentative budget for presentation to the chapter's Executive Board.

• Prepare an annual and bi-annual financial statement for presentation to

the chapter's Executive Board.

Secretary – Yasif Arif

• Keep Minutes during the bi-weekly meetings.

• Record the Attendance for the bi-weekly meetings

• Complete Service Project Forms and Progress Reports for the

Student Government Association.

Vice President of Career Development – Dominique Tamburrino

• Collaborate guest speakers to come speak about their career and accomplishments.

• Prepare thank you cards and keep records of guest speakers.

• Work with the Career and Academic Planning Center to set up career dates,

hold resume writing seminars.

• Plan workshops for career development (e.g. tutor session, technology workshops).

• Inform FMA members of upcoming career related events.

Vice President of Event Planning – Jenna-Rose Fraser

• Find Service Projects for the FMA to participate in on campus as well as off and

keep all official letters of service.

• Plan Annual Trips to Museum of American Finance, NYSE, and Federal Bank of New York.

• Monitor Online Conference Attendance. Make sure at least five members log in and

post comments or ideas to the discussion board.

• Send out Thank You cards to those that have assisted our organization. This is a way

of showing our appreciation to those that have expanded our knowledge and been

willing to help the FMA.

• Maintain Records of Contact Information.

• Recruit event planning committee members and manage their activities.

• Maintain records of event attendance.

Vice President of Portfolio Management – Daniel Lempa

• In charge of running the FMA Trading Competition, which is a competition that Rowan FMA

competes against other school through the International Financial Management Association.

• Responsible for polling members on what they think are good selections for our portfolio and

then selecting the best ones in the end.

• Responsible for updating the club on our progress throughout the school year

• Accept the award at the FMA Leaders conference if applicable

• Prepare a write-up on the selection process and results at the end of the year

Vice President of Fundraising – Jenna-Rose Fraser

• Plan and implement fundraising activities such as t-shirt sales, ticket raffles and jewelry sales.

• Make sure fundraisers are properly advertised and announced to membership.

• Attend fundraisers and be responsible for having them run smoothly In charge of distributing

and collecting any order forms as well handling fundraising proceeds.

• Recruit fundraising committee members and distribute fundraising related tasks such as

handing out flyers, visiting classrooms to showcase merchandise and interacting

with third parties

Vice President of Membership – Kyle O’Connor

• Conduct active programs to recruit new members.

• Recruit membership committee members and manage their activities.

• Hold information sessions to spread the word about FMA throughout the COB.

• Invite students to be inducted to FMA national honor society.

• Plan for the induction ceremony at the end of the academic year.

• Prepare FMA resume book.

• Distribute information about FMA International and keep accurate records of memberships.

Vice President of Publicity – Kyle O’Connor

• Design and Maintain FMA Bulletin Board.

• Prepare press releases for Bottom Line and FMA international.

• Prepare newsletter of each semester's activities and submit to

College of Business and FMA International.

SGA Senator – Paul DeRose

• Attend all SGA required events ( senate meetings) and act as

a representative of the FMA.

• Take notes at meetings and listen to all information and relay relevant information

to the other FMA officers.

• Check FMA's mailbox in the SGA office.

• Hand in minutes and service project outlines to the SGA.

• Control any requests or concerns our organization has in reference to FMA

(not including some financial issues the treasurer has control of).

BOBA Representative – Jenna-Rose Fraser

• Attend all BOBA meetings (monthly)/ events and act as FMA representative.

• Report to BOBA (Bureau of Business Administration) about any new activities,

events, trips, or meetings the FMA has coming up. Also, report on past meetings

and feedback on the speaker.

• Take notes at the BOBA meetings and listen to all information and relay relevant

information to the other FMA officers.

• Part of the BOBA Publicity committee with the responsibility of getting people to

come to the BOBA Banquet (scholarships and awards for business students and

professor of the year award).

Faculty Advisors

Uygur, Ozge, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor of Finance

Folkinshteyn, Daniel, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor of Finance

Club History

Tribute to our
past officers.