Greek Affairs at Rowan University

Greek Cultural Organizations Council (GCOC)

The Greek Cultural Organizations Council (GCOC) serves as a governing body, creates and maintains high standards in the life of Fraternities and Sororities by addressing, managing and creating strategic programming, to unify organizations involved in GCOC, upholding higher education, providing community services, improving leadership and have a positive relationship between GCOC, other Greek Councils, the university student body and administration, thus improving campus life.


More Information about GCOC:

The purpose of the Greek Cultural Organizations Council shall be to uphold, unify, and maintain the values and traditions of Greek organizations. It seeks to promote leadership, service, and education. While not being limited to any race, sex, color, or sexual orientation of any organization. It shall open the doors for more Greek organizations willing to showcase cultural awareness and be an asset on Rowan University’s campus.