Rowan University Clubs and Organizations Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Setting up and Creating Club/Organization Web Sites

All chartered clubs and organizations, within Student Government Association (SGA), are entitled to network account space for the creation of a Web site. To check whether an organization is chartered you can contact the SGA office at 856.256.4540. Those clubs petitioning for charter can be listed on the clubs/organizations web site, but don't receive network space until they have received charter from the Student Government Association (SGA).

There is a list of all clubs/organizations currently chartered or petitioning for charter located at

Creating a New Web Site

  1. Create the Web site locally (in your personal account space [H:\ drive], right on your C:\ drive, on a floppy disk or on a cd).
  2. Show the site to the club/organization faculty advisor.
  3. After reviewing the Web site, the organization's faculty advisor must contact the Web Coordinator at to confirm that they have seen the proposed Web site and understand that this student will be responsible for the maintenance of the Web site.
  4. Once there is confirmation from the advisor the Web Coordinator will create a Web directory for the site.
  5. Once the site is on the server and functioning, you should contact the Web Coordinator to confirm that it is functioning and then the Web Coordinator can add it as a link from the University Clubs & Organizations page.

Getting Permission to Update a Current Web Site

Contact your organization's faculty advisor to request that you be permitted to update the Web site.

The faculty advisor then must contact the Web Coordinator via web form to confirm that you should be granted this access.

Once there is confirmation from the advisor the Web Coordinator will set up permissions for you so you can maintain the Web Site.

Before creating a Web site, read through the University Web Policy at:

Some items to note in the Policy:

  • No advertising for commercial services may be placed on the pages
  • No copyrighted images or text may be placed on pages
  • Each page must include the name of the club/organization, date of the page's last update, page manager's name and contact information (email)