Managment Information Systems Club of Rowan University Constitution

Article I --- Name
The name of this organization shall be Management Information Systems (MIS) Club of Rowan University.

*Please note that this club formerly was named "Data Processing Management Association of Glassboro State College."

Article II --- Purposes
The purpose(s) of this organization shall be:
1. To keep students up to date regarding developments in the area of MIS.
2. To provide hands-on experience for students in the use of MIS hardware and software.

Article III --- Membership
Section 1.01
A regular member shall be a student taking at least one business course at Rowan University.

Section 1.02
An honorary member shall be a student, former student or faculty member at Rowan University who has been designated as an honorary member of the MIS Club by the Executive Committee. He or She shall have all the privileges of an active member except the holding of office, voting, a nd the payment of dues.

Section 1.03
Dues shall be none

Article IV --- Officers
Section 1.01
The officers of this organization shall be a president, a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer. (Other names for these officers such as "chairperson" may be included if necessary.)

Section 1.02
The executive committee of this organization shall consist of the officers or representatives elected-at-large.

Section 1.03
The president shall preside at all meetings of the MIS Club of Rowan University and the executive committee. The president, with the approval of the executive committee, shall appoint all standing and special committees and shall be an ex-officio member of all of them.He or She shall call meetings, suggest policies, and shall be held responsible for the progress and work of the MIS Club of Rowan University.

Section 1.04
In the absence of the president, the vice-president shall perform all the duties belonging to that office.

Section 1.05
The secretary shall keep a permanent record of all meeting of the organization and of the executive committee. As directed by the president,he or she shall carry on the correspondence pertaining to the affairs of the organization.

Section 1.06
The treasurer shall receive all funds belonging to the organization, and deposit them immediately in the Rowan University Student Fund Account.He or she shall keep an itemized account of receipts and expenditures, and make a written report of them at each regular meeting.He or she shall sign vouchers for withdrawal of all funds, shall see that these vouchers are approved by the faculty advisor, and shall process them according to Student Financial Control Board rules.

Article V --- Election of Officers
Section 1.01
The election of all officers shall be by ballot at a general meeting held during fourth quarter during a period of time designated by Student Government Association.

Section 1.02
The term of office shall be for one year and shall begin the first day following the election.

Section 1.03
Should a vacancy in office occur between elections, the executive committee shall file it through appointment.

Article VI --- Meetings
Section 1.01
There shall be a minimum of six general open meetings of the organization during the college year. The president, with the advice of the executive committee, shall determine the time and place of these meetings.

Section 1.02
Special meeting shall be held at the call of the president or upon written request of ten percent of the members.

Section 1.03
A quorum for all meetings of the organization shall consist of eight or more members in good standing and a quorum for committee meetings shall consist of a majority of the committee.

Section 1.04
Robert's Rules of Order, or a similar recognized standard, shall be the authority on parliamentary procedure on all matters not covered by the constitution and by-laws of the organization.

Section 1.05
The following shall be the order of business unless it is suspended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the meeting.
1.Call to order.
2.Reading, correction and adoption of minutes of previous meeting.
3.Reading of correspondence.
4.Report of the president.
5.Report of the vice-president.
6.Report of the treasurer.
7.Report of standing committees.
8.Reports of special committees.
9.Old business.
10.New business.

Article VII --- Committees

Section 1.01
The executive committee shall have full authority to act upon matters of business that arise between regular meetings. It shall give general direction to the organization's program and fill all vacancies in office that arise between elections. It shall approve all expenditures of money.

Section 1.02
The president, with the approval of the executive committee, shall appoint the following standing committees:
1.Membership Committee
2.Program Committee

Section 1.03
It shall be the duty of all committees to function as representative groups with the purpose of promoting the welfare of the organization as a whole. All reports to the organization shall be presented in writing for the records of the secretary.

Section 1.04
The president as deemed by the organization or the executive committee may appoint special committees.

Article VIII --- Neglect of Duty
Section 1.01
Any duly elected or appointed officer or member of the executive committee may be charged with a serious violation of this constitution, bureau or SGA policy by any active member, or the SGA Executive Vice-President.

Section 1.02
A 2/3-majority vote of the organization shall be required to uphold any charge.

Section 1.03
The charged, upon conviction, shall lose his position or may have any other appropriate penalty levied against him with the approval of the organization.

Article IX --- Amendments
Section 1.01
This constitution and by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of those present at any regular meeting, provided notice in writing of a proposed amendment shall have been filed with the secretary and have been presented a the previous regular meeting. All approved amendments shall be submitted to the Student Government Association.



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