Constitution and Bylaws

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Article: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII


The name of this organization shall be the Anthony J. Fulginiti (A.J.F.) Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America.




            The objectives of this chapter shall be to encourage the understanding of current theories and procedures in the practice of public relations, provide students with the opportunity to become acquainted not only with their peers, but with professional practitioners as well, encourage students to adhere to the highest ideal and principals of the practice of public relations and to instill in them a professional attitude and to provide each member with knowledge of the practices of public relations beyond the college community.




            Membership shall comprise undergraduates and/or graduate students, regardless or race, color, creed, gender, sexual preference or national origin, who either are public relations majors or have demonstrated an interest in public relations field.




            The officers of this chapter shall be president, PRaction president, PRaction executive vice president, PRaction first vice president, vice president of special events, vice president of recruitment, vice president of finance, historian, public relations director, publications coordinator, general manager, national liaison, local liaison and webmaster.  A president-elect will be nominated and elected at the beginning of each spring semester.  Election of officers and advisors shall be the first order of business at the annual election meeting each year to be held in the spring and the duly elected officers shall assume the duties of office at the start of the following school year.  Other chapter officers may be elected to handle local needs.  Any officer elected to a position must take an oath stating that he/she have read and understand his/her duties and responsibilities as an executive board member and that these duties will be done to the best of his/her abilities.  Two-thirds of the dues-paying membership of the chapter shall constitute a quorum.  A simple majority vote of the quorum is required for election to office.  At the end of every memberís term in office, the binder and all information for that position shall be passed on to the newly elected member.






President Elect:


PRaction President:


PRaction Executive Vice President:


PRaction Vice President:

Vice President of Special Events:


Vice President of Recruitment:


Vice President of Finance:


National Liaison:


Local Liaison:


General Manager:


Public Relations Director:


Publications Coordinator:


Historian and Alumni Coordinator:





            The chapter, at the annual election meeting shall elect for one year (renewable) period (a) Faculty Advisor(s) who shall be recognized as the official faculty representative(s) in and to the chapter and who will act as the official link between the student chapter and the Public Relations Society of America.




            The chapter, at the annual election meeting, shall elect for one year (renewable) period one or two Professional Advisors who shall represent the practice rather than the academic.




            Chapter membership is limited to those students who pay an annual service fee which shall be collected by the vice president of finance at the beginning and end of each academic year, and sent, with complete membership roster, to the PRSA Education Director no later than November 1 and March 15.  There shall be no prorating of the service fee for those members joining PRSSA after November 1. A chapter service fee may be added to the dues, however it shall not exceed 15 percent of the national dues.




            Section 1.  General Meetings:  The chapter shall hold meetings every other week while classes are in session.  These meetings are open to all interested persons. The chapter president sets the agenda to be discussed. The president may call a special meeting at any time to discuss matters of importance.

            Section 2.  Executive Board Meetings:  The executive board shall meet weekly while classes are in session.  All executive board members are required to be in attendance for all scheduled meetings.  However, executive board members are permitted two unexcused absences per year.  If an executive board member expects an absence, the member he/she must inform the president and general manager in writing.  The validity of an absence is decided by the president.  It will be the general managerís job to notify the members of their total absences.  A written warning will be issued for the first unexcused absence to be signed by the president, general manager and the warned member, in order to record that all persons were notified.  When a member incurs more than two unexcused absences, the member will undergo a review period.  (See article XI for review definition.)



            All executive board and general members shall be expected to act and represent their chapter in a professional manner at all meetings, conferences, and all events sponsored by PRSSA and/or PRSA and its affiliates. All members are required to attend the annual election meeting for executive board members.  Executive board meetings are open to all members.  However, items discussed at executive board meetings shall not be discussed with non-members and those not in attendance. (Absent executive board members will receive the missed information in the minutes.)




            Section 1:  Review:  For the purpose of the constitution and bylaws of the A.J.F. Chapter of PRSSA, the definition of review will consist of:  

  A written statement defining all infractions of the bylaws and constitution to be signed by the president and the member in violation.  The general manager must forward a copy of all written procedures involving the member, from this point on, to the president, faculty advisor and the member in violation.  At the next executive board meeting,  the member is given the opportunity to present reasons for the infractions, where the executive board will vote with a two-thirds majority of all executive board members to either remove the member from office, place the member on probation or to dismiss the member from the review charges.  

  (For the purpose of this constitution and bylaws, probation will be defined as:  The obligation to continue the duties of your position with all the privileges of a dues-paying PRSSA executive board member.  However, if another infraction occurs by the member on probation, the member shall be subject to a two-thirds majority vote of the executive board for the removal from office at the next scheduled executive board meeting.)

            Section 2:  Removal:  Any chapter officer may be removed by two-thirds majority vote of the executive board during a special meeting with a mandatory attendance held for this purpose.  Petition for removal must be submitted to all parties concerned (chapter president, faculty advisor, member in question) at least one week in advance of a special convocation of the chapter.  All parties concerned shall have the opportunity to present their cases.  Grounds for removal include violation of the expected performance of a PRSSA member as defined in Article X.  Further ground for removal will include dereliction of assigned duties and responsibilities, intentional violation of PRSSA bylaws and/or failure to maintain academic standards as set forth by Rowan University.

            Section 3:  Resignation:  If an executive board member wishes to resign from his/her position, a letter of resignation must be submitted to the chapter president and faculty advisor.  Upon resignation, all work and information regarding the position must be returned to the executive board.

            In case of removal or resignation, the chapter president and the faculty advisor hold the right to appoint a member t take over the position for the remainder of the term.




            These bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the membership of the chapter, provided that the amendment shall have been proposed at least one meeting prior to the time of voting.  Amendments to the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws, however, shall become effective only upon their approval by the Public Relations Society of America Board of Directors.  Such amendments shall confirm to the regulations established for chapters of the Public Relations Student Society of America and to the bylaws of the Public Relations Society of America.