Fall 2000-Spring 2001

Nancy Weber, President

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Theresa Staley, Vice President

Theresa Staley is a senior in the Elementary Education program.  She has a coordinate majorin in communications, with an emphasis in writing.  She is also a student in the Reading Certification program.  As a member of the club, Theresa enjoys gathering with fellow students to discuss literacy issues.  The ideas in this club reflect multiple aspects of her life: as a student, parent, friend, and future educator.  What she enjoys most about this club are the people.  It is a fabulous way to meet new friends, share ideas, listen to the views of others and learn. 
Melissa Formeny, Recording Secretary

Melissa Foremny is a senior studying Elementary Education with a coordinate major in Psychology.  She is also the treasurer of Kappa Delta Pi.  She is also a member of the Elementary Education Club.  She chose to be a member of the literacy club because she felt it would give her a lot of insight into teaching reading, especially since she is working on her reading certification.  Melissa feels the best part of this club, is that the members and officers are the best group of people to work with.  No matter what they do they always have a GREAT time doing it.

MaryAnn Young, Treasurer

Maryann Young is a senior in the Elementary Education program with a coordinate major in Sociology.  Currently she is completing her Reading Certification.  Maryann was interested in the club for personal reasons.  Her young son struggled with reading in school.  She imagined she could learn something to benefit her child by joining this club.  Membership has opened avenues of learing in the area of literacy that she otherwise would not have learned.  In addition, she believes that being part of the literacy club has allowed her to be part of a cause, which will make an overwhelming difference in her life, the lives of her children, and the classsroom students she has yet to meet. 

Dr. Leftwich, Faculty Advisor


Fall 2001-Spring 2002

Jodi Masso, President 
Erin White, Vice President
Diane Caldwell, Treasurer
Amy Tollner, Recording Secretary