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The Students for Literacy Club is a student organization that was founded in the Spring 2000 semester.  The mission of this organization is to  educate the university and community about issues involving literacy education.  Club members participate in a variety of service projects as well as organize programs to enlighten people  about the importance of literacy awareness.  For more information about the club's service projects and programs click on upcoming event.


Students for Literacy Club Constitution

Article I-Name
The name of this organization shall be Students for Literacy Club.

Article II-Purposes

The purpose of this organization shall be twofold: (a) to serve as an extension to the reading certification program and (b) to participate as a member of the International Reading Association.  The Student for Literacy Club will focus on educating the university about issues involving literacy for the purposes of serving the professional community of educators.  It will also be established to engage in research that will lead to the improvement of literacy education through guest speakers and participation in local, regional, national, and international conferences.  Finally, the club will serve the college in the pursuit of providing an environment for achieving and fulfilling personal interaction among all members of its diverse learning community.

Article III-Membership
Section 1.  A regular member shall be any student who is currently enrolled in the Reading Certification Program or any person interested in literacy education.

Section 2.  All members must attend 3 meetings per semester.

Section 3.  All members must attend 1 service project(s) and/or 1 program per semester.

Section 4.  All members have voting rights when they have attended an interest meeting and two regular organizational meetings.

Article IV-Officers
Section 1.  The officers of this organization shall be a president, vice president, corresponding secretary, recording secretary, and treasurer.  Their responsibilities shall be:

President: May preside over all meetings, must serve as the official spokesperson of the organization, ensures organization maintains its goals, may delegate responsibilities.

Vice President: Assumes the responsibility of the president in his or her absence, works with the president to ensure goals are met, oversees the committees, selects chairpersons for each committee, responsible for service projects.

Corresponding Secretary: Retrieves all mail, maintains mailbox, sends outgoing mail, reports incoming information to the organization, works with recording secretary.

Recording Secretary: Records minutes of all meetings and gatherings, turns minutes into Student Government Association, works with the corresponding secretary.

Treasurer: Responsible for all financial obligations, keeps ledger and accurate account of all financial transactions, maintains a budget.

Section 2.  All executive board members must attend all service project programs during semester.  If a member of the executive board is unable to attend a program or service project they must contact the president or recording secretary for an excusable absence.

Section 3.  All executive board members must meet with the Students for Literacy Clubís faculty advisor at least once per semester to discuss programming and goals.

Section 4.  Only current members of the Students for Literacy Club can serve on the executive board.  Interest candidates must be nominated and may enter office only after a two- thirds vote in their favor is established.  Candidates must participate in a one-week mentoring program after they have been nominated where they will learn about the position they are running for and how it pertains to the organization.

Section 5.  The following shall be the order of business unless it is suspended by a two- thirds vote of the members present at the meeting.

1. Call to order.
2. Reading, correction and adoption of minutes of previous meeting.
3. Reading of correspondence.
4. Report of President.
5. Report of Vice President
6. Report of Treasurer
7. Reports of standing committees.
8. Reports of special committees.
9. Old business
10. New business
11. Program
12. Adjournment

Section 6.  The Students for Literacy Club shall have at least two organizational meetings per month.  The president or faculty advisor, on an as needed basis, will call executive meetings.

Article V-Committees

Section 1.  The executive board shall have full authority to act upon matters of business, which arise between regular meetings.  It shall give general direction to the organizationís program and fill all vacancies in office, which arise between elections.  It shall approve all expenditures of money.

Section 2.  The president, with the approval of the executive committee shall appoint the following standing committees:

1. Service Projects committee
2. Fundraising committee
3. Programming committee
4. Technology committee
5. Promotion committee

Article VI-Programming/Service Projects

Section 1.  There shall be at least two service projects per semester.  One project per year must be extended to the community.

Section 2.  There shall be at least one program during the semester.  One may be a service project.

Section 3.  Each program must be related to the two goals mentioned in the purpose and must serve as a means of educating the university.  They include:

1. Literacy Education
2. Professional Networking
3. Community Literacy Awareness
4. Community Tutoring
5. Literacy Book Drives/Fairs
6. Professional Guest Speakers
7. Community Reading
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