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Rowan University Student Government Association

Rowan University



Mission Statement

Rowan University Student Government Association makes certain that all students' needs are met by acting as a student voice for the campus community, serving as an outlet for student concerns, promoting student participation in campus life, and investigating solutions to various issues that affect the campus as a whole. The SGA supports unity, teamwork, diversification, acknowledgment of excellence, mutual respect and a dedication to the positive development of each and every individual. The SGA acts with vision not only to meet the needs of Rowan's current students, but to also meet the needs of Rowan students to come. The work of the SGA is performed in the spirit of change; however, it recognizes the contributions of its predecessors. The SGA takes pride in Rowan's past, present, and future.

SGA Vision Statement

The Rowan SGA takes pride in creating a state of actively engaged students that willfully participate not only within their university by the surrounding community.



FY16 Budget Allocation Proposal


Constitutional Amendments

April 2014 Constitutional Amendments

*The SGA Office is located on the first floor of the Chamberlain Student Center, suite 120.