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Distinguished Business Alumni Award

The Rohrer College of Business' Distinguished Business Alumni Award was originally established to commemorate the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Administrative Studies/Business programs in Glassboro State College which subsequently transitioned to Rowan College, and now to Rowan University. The award honors business/administrative studies alumni who are making exceptional contributions to their professions and/or communities and are personifying the College's tradition of excellence. The business programs have produced approximately 10,000 alumni as of spring (May) 2013.

Objective: To recognize graduates of the business programs who have exemplified the highest principles of the business profession and have made outstanding contributions to the field of business and society through leadership and entrepreneurship, creating innovative business ideas, teaching at the post-secondary level and disseminating thought leadership, enhancing their and the College's reputations and visibility nationally and/or internationally, and last but not least, involving in service to the Rohrer College of Business in terms of affording their time, talents and resources to advance the mission of the College.

Winning the distinguished business award from Rowan University does not preclude one from being nominated to receive the Rohrer College of Business Distinguished Alumnus Award.