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Program Requirements & Application

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Departmental Administration:

Within the College of Business, each of the departments offers a course designed to coordinate Internships in its respective areas of specialization. These courses are as follows:


The Supervised Internship Program is open to Rohrer College of Business students who have achieved junior status (60 credits). Additional specific prerequisites may be required by the Department offering the particular course.

Credit Hours:

The number of credit hours that can be earned will vary depending upon the particular course taken. Academic credit is based on the learning experience rather than the number of hours worked. Nevertheless, students who register for three credits would normally be expected to work a minimum of ten hours per week during a regular semester, or a minimum of 150 hours per term, depending upon the length of the term in which the course is offered. Any work schedule would be agreed upon between the student, the work supervisor, and the faculty supervisor.

Curricular Effect:

The Supervised Internship Program may be taken as a free elective, business elective or an elective within the specialization. Students should consult with their academic advisor or with the faculty member responsible for the Supervised Internship Program within their area of specialization.

Position Requirements:

Positions for which Internship credit is granted should ideally reflect a level of responsibility that would provide the students with insight into issues of their field of study. Such positions may be compensated or uncompensated. Positions that may qualify could include on-campus positions offered by Rowan University or the College of Business, off-campus positions publicized by the Supervised Internship Program, or positions secured through a student's own efforts. Final approval of the position rests with the supervising faculty member within the student's area of specialization.

Responsibility of Employer:

It is the responsibility of the employer to work with faculty members and students to provide a meaningful, career-related work experience. Supervision commensurate with the position is required. The work supervisor may be asked to provide an evaluation of the student's performance.


In addition to appropriate job placement, each student will be required to attend and participate in the appropriate Supervised Internship course, to share learning experiences with fellow students, and to complete a project or program of activities approved by the supervising faculty member. The purpose of such activities is to provide a focus for the learning activity of the program. Criteria for evaluation of student performance and accomplishments will be established at the beginning of the semester. Student, faculty supervisor and employer will establish learning objectives relating work experience to the academic field of study. They will determine the appropriate measurements for appraising student performance. Students will meet regularly with the instructor during the semester to discuss the progress of the internship placement. The instructor may make such contacts with the work supervisor (including on-site visits) as are appropriate. The instructor will have responsibility for integrating these various evaluative components in the final grade. There will be continuous assessment of learning outcomes for students, the quality of placements and the degree to which Rowan University and the College of Business are instilling the skills and knowledge employers expect of our students. Students, employers and other stakeholders will regularly be asked for feedback designed to assist the College of Business in documenting these outcomes.