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Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

An elevator pitch is a brief overview of an idea for a product, service or project. The pitch is so called because it can be delivered to a potential investor in the time span of an elevator ride.

The following factors are esessential in a succesful elevator pitch:

The Elevator Pitch Contest showcases the top 10 pitches. Last year's contest involved over 80 students whose pitches were reviewed by 46 alumni judges. Each competitor presented their two-minute business pitch before a live panel of judges and the winners were announced at the end of the event. The top three winners were sent to the National Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization Conference located in different venues each year. The top winner will be our automatic entry in the national elevator pitch contest.

NOTE:This competition is for those students enrolled in the Rowan University Entrepreneurship and Innovation class (ENT 06-240) for the Spring, 2014 semester. If you would like to participate in the national competition, please visit THE CEO Elevator Pitch Competition Website for more information. If selected as a finalist, Rowan University will pay your fee to attend!!!

To enter the competition, please visit the following link for more information and submit your elevator pitch for judging.

Enter the Rohrer College of Business Spring, 2014 - Elevator Pitch Competition

To register to attend this event, please visit:

Attend the Rohrer College of Business Spring, 2014 Elevator Pitch Competition

The contest is held on:
Date: Friday, April 4, 2014
Location: Bunce Hall 107
Time: 12:00 Noon - 3:00pm
Cost: None
Directions: Rowan University

If you have any questions please contact
Stephen M. Kozachyn