Rohrer College of Business @ Rowan University

Mac and PCWhich Computer is Right For Me? (Mac or PC)

Mac Vs. PC
The general population of students here at Rowan University use PC’s vs. Mac.  Not that there is anything wrong with using a Mac here at Rowan, historically more students have been exposed to the PC environment.  As the popularity of Macs have increased over the years with their launch of commercials, “ Hi I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC”, Macs are becoming more and more popular with students.  But be for warned, a PC user that tries to switch to a Mac will have a steep learning curve as these operating systems are completely different from one another.  Both computers will achieve the same goals, that is to produce meaningful data, i.e. school work.  Rowan University fully supports both Mac and PC. 

You will find that more PC’s are in the computer labs across campus than Mac’s.  The main reason stems from what professors require.  As an example, in the Art and Communication departments, professors require particular Mac software in which students need to complete projects.  Thus, the majority of their students are proficient in using Mac's. Furthermore, their computer labs have more Mac than PC’s.  In the College of Business, professors do not require any Mac software so our computer labs are all PC’s.  As a result, all College of Business majors are encouraged to use / buy a PC rather than a Mac.

Desktop Vs. Laptop
This choice is simply up to the individual.  While each have the pros and cons, I will give you a few examples of each.  While desktops are generally more powerful then laptops (processor and RAM) they are stationary computers.  Laptops have the flexibility of being a mobile in that you can practically take them anywhere.  Generally you will pay more for a laptop then a desktop.  Security becomes an issue when you have a laptop.  It can easily be stolen if you do not lock it down with a security cable.  Some individuals like to use full keyboards and mice, others have no preference and thus choose a laptop.

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