The Rohrer College of Business MBA

Alumni Perspectives

Lindsay Groff

Premier Meeting Solutions

Vice President


Obtaining my MBA from Rowan has catapulted my career. Four months after graduation, I received a promotion to Vice President of Premier Meeting Solutions, a strategic partner of Fernley & Fernley. Prior to my promotion, I served full-time as Executive Director while pursuing my degree. At Rowan, I honed my skills in many areas including public speaking, business writing and time management.

Elizabeth F. Santangini

The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts

The Philadelphia Orchestra Association

Director, Human Resources


In today's business world, it is critical to be prepared for change. Earning an MBA from Rowan University enhanced my skill set and expanded my knowledge making me more marketable in a very competitive environment. Participation in the program offered me the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. Today I enjoy being a leader in my field and a valued asset to my organizations--The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts and The Philadelphia Orchestra Association. I am confident knowing I have the educational background to excel in the 21st century.

Robert W. Rudloff

MGM Mirage, Las Vegas

Vice President, Internal Audit


My experience at Rowan challenged me to expand my thinking about problem solving in business and finance, and has contributed significantly to my success in my new position with MGM Mirage in Las Vegas.

Scott Duman

Mark Systems

Vice President and Principal


As a small business owner, you have to "wear many hats". My Rowan MBA has given me the skills necessary to deal with the operational and strategic challenges of a business that has experienced 40% per year growth over the last four years.

Raymond Conlin

McCollister's Transportation Group

Chief Operating Officer


Many (business) schools focus on the technical skills and give little attention to the craft of managing people. My MBA program helped me look outside the box of my own organization. Today, measurement of success as a manager is in how well your people perform and execute. You need metrics and processes in place to measure that success. A robust MBA program develops these skill sets and enables you to not only be a contributing team player but also an effective leader in any well run organization. I believe the Rowan MBA program helped me to become a better leader.


LouAnn Grohman Evans

Thomas Scientific

Director of Marketing and

LA Boxing Franchisee


I chose the Rowan University MBA program primarily because it offered a curriculum that addressed the specific growth needs of business professionals. The program allowed me to take my education to work with me, long before ever graduating. The benefits were evidenced immediately through several promotions and, ultimately led my current position at Thomas Scientific.  In addition, the program afforded me the entrepreneurial knowledge base needed to become a successful owner of multiple LA Boxing franchises in New Jersey.


Mike Gant

Vanguard Group

Senior Systems Analyst


Our business depends on our ability to field a team with both specific expertise and broad business knowledge. Our challenge is to quickly learn our clients' businesses, business practices, and information systems well enough to add value by streamlining and improving their systems and practices. My Rowan University MBA has given me the team skills, leadership skills and in-depth business knowledge that I need to add value for our company and for our clients.


Cheri Carter

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital

Director of Pharmacy


Although I have been in a management position throughout my professional career, I felt that I needed a post-graduate degree which would differentiate me from others within the field of Pharmacy. Today, I have advanced my career to being a deciding member of the Jefferson Health System's Pharmacy Management Team. The MBA degree from Rowan University provided the impetus that was able to distinguish me from others.