The Rohrer College of Business MBA

MBA Director's Message

Thank you for your interest in The Rohrer College of Business MBA Program. We realize that you have many choices and that choosing an MBA program can be an overwhelming experience. The information presented here should help you find a program that will satisfy your particular needs. Here are some features to consider when choosing an MBA program:

AACSB International-The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

While the popular press school rankings (e.g., US News & World Reports) provide some insights into the quality of a school, the AACSB accreditation is the only unbiased, genuinely objective indicator of a program's true quality. Rowan University joins an elite group of institutions, less than 5% worldwide, that have earned this distinguished hallmark of excellence in management education. To achieve this prestigious accreditation, the business program successfully demonstrated a wide range of quality standards relating to curriculum, faculty resources, admissions, degree requirements, facilities, financial resources, and intellectual climate. Although many non-AACSB accredited programs will provide quality experiences, there is no external, independent testimony to this effect. Additionally, recruiters will often only consider candidates from AACSB accredited schools.

All of Rowan's business programs (both undergraduate and graduate) are AACSB accredited. As a matter of record, Rowan's practices are often highlighted by the AACSB as best-in-class.


How does one pay for an MBA?
According to the Graduate Management Admission Council:

  • 24% of the cost of an MBA degree is paid using personal funds
  • 23% is paid with loans
  • 18% is paid by parental support
  • 13% is paid by employers
  • 17% is paid by grants/assistantships
  •   5% is paid with other sources

At Rowan tuition is extremely competitive. Recently, Rowan has eliminated the higher out-of-state tuition rates for graduate students. Please visit the folllowing site to learn more about Rowan's graduate tuition rates and fee structures (Tuition).

Availability of desired specialization options

Consider this:

  • 20% of pre-MBA graduates hold top managerial positions
  • 61% of post-MBA graduates hold top managerial positions (within 3 years after completing their MBA)

MBA programs prepare students to assume leadership, not professional specialist positions. Similarly, recruiters seek MBA graduates to fill managerial openings. .

However, Rowan currently offers specializations in several areas, including Accounting, Management Information Systems, Finance, Management and Supply Chain & Logistical Systems. This allows students to explore academic areas of interest related to their careers.

Length of program and Flexibility of program options

The Rowan MBA Program allows students to move among the many program options.

At Rowan, students can complete their MBA in 12-months or up to 6 years. We also offer all of the required courses on Saturday. Furthermore, the student is in control of his/her educational experience. We allow our students to choose the option that best fits his/her needs.

Academic Advising

The MBA Director provides each student with personalized advising. Our students choose the type of advisement depending on the situation and degree of student-concern: phone, email, or in-person.

Other considerations

  • Location: Classes are now held in the state-of-the-art Enterprise Center Building on Rowan Boulevard.
  • Rowan is within driving distance of Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington D.C.  
  • The Business Incubator offers many opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate business students to work with start-up companies.
  • Value: Rowan provides one of the best tuition values among AACSB accredited programs in the region

James C. Jordan, MBA
MBA Program Director