The Rohrer College of Business MBA

Full-time MBA Model Curriculum

Time to Complete: 24 months / 4 semesters

Starting in Spring Semester


Year 1
Fall Spring Summer
  1. Professional, Legal and Managerial Responsibilities 
2. Designing, Developing and Leading High Performance Organizations
3. MBA Elective


Year 2
Fall Spring Summer
1. Managerial Accounting
2. Managerial Decision Making Tools
3. MBA Elective
1. Financial Decision Making
2. Marketing Management
3. MBA Elective


Year 3
Fall Spring Summer
1. International Business & Society
2. Issues in MIS
3. Managing Organizational Strategy


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  1. All MBA students must take 3 MBA electives.  To satisfy a specialization (e.g., Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management) a student must take 3 specialization-specific electives. Subject to student demand, each discipline will schedule one specialization-specific elective each year (often, one elective each semester). If a student seeks to pursue a specialization, s/he is strongly encouraged to take specialization-specific electives as early as possible to avoid scheduling difficulties.
  2. MBA students have the option of declaring a specialization and concentration by completing a total of 6 MBA electives (3 specialization-specific electives in each discipline). Those students satisfying a specialization/concentration will have both designations noted on their transcript.
  3. Financial Decision Making has Managerial Accounting as a pre-requisite and Managerial Decision Making Tools as a co-requisite.
  4. Managing Organizational Strategy has the following 3 co-requisites: Financial Decision Making, Marketing Management, and International Business & Society.
  5. While students have flexibility in choosing the sequence of courses, scheduling deviations (from the above model curriculum) could extend degree completion times. You are encouraged to verify all deviations with the MBA Director.
  6. MBA students have 6 years to complete their coursework

* Periodic changes to the class offerings occur for a variety of reasons (e.g., cancellations due to low enrollment, sections that are booked to capacity, etc.).  As a result, we cannot guarantee that students will be able to successfully register for every class when he/she chooses to enroll.  Registering early for classes will minimize the likelihood of registration issues.