The Rohrer College of Business MBA

Rohrer College of Business & Rowan SOM Agreement

Program of Doctor of Osteopathic (D.O.) & Master of Business Administration (M.B.A)

The agreement between Rowan SOM & the Rohrer College of Business provides the following benefits:

  • Rowan SOM D.O. students in good standing are guaranteed acceptance into Rowan University's MBA Program
  • Rowan University waives the GRE/GMAT exam requirement for Rowan SOM D.O. students
  • Rowan University accepts 9 graduate elective credits into Rowan University's MBA Program (leaving only 27 graduate credits to complete the MBA)
  • Rowan University provides D.O. students the opportunity to complete all MBA coursework within a 9 month period

Students are permitted to transfer all Foundation Course credits. The Principles of Finance and Operations Management courses must be taken at a 4-year school to be eligible for transfer. However, the remaining foundation courses may be taken at a junior college (such as a community college). The MBA Program Director will determine, with the assistance of appropriate faculty, foundation course equivalencies.

Pre-M.B.A. Requirements: Students must present evidence of having completed undergraduate college courses equivalent to the Rowan courses listed below:

• Foundations of Accounting (Equivalent to Financial & Managerial Accounting)
• Principles of Economics: Global Perspectives (Equivalent to Macroeconomics and Microeconomics)
• Calculus Techniques & Applications (or an equivalent)
• Statistics I (or an equivalent)
• Principles of Marketing
• Operations Management
• Principles of Finance

Course Requirements for M.B.A. Program
(all courses are 3 S.H. unless otherwise noted.)

FALL .........................15 S.H.
BUS 01.518 Professional, Legal and Managerial Responsibilities
ACC 03.500 Managerial Accounting
MIS  02.500 Issues in Management Information Systems
MGT 07.500 Managerial Decision Making Tools
MGT 06.502 International Business and Society

SPRING .........................12 S.H.
MGT 06.629 Managing Organizational Strategy
MGT 06.500 Designing, Developing and Leading High-Performance Organizations
MKT 09.500 Marketing Management
FIN   04.500 Financial Decision Making

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