Rohrer College of Business @ Rowan University

Purpose Statement and Rules of Organization

(Revised 02-16-09)

The purpose of the Accounting Advisory Board is

  • to provide an external perspective on curricular development
  • to advise on emerging trends in the practice and development of accounting
  • to promote the Rohrer College of Business Accounting Program to external constituencies
  • to promote and participate in appropriate business-faculty-student interaction activities

The Accounting Advisory Board is comprised of executive-level individuals in business, government and not-for-profit organizations whose background and present role are related to the accounting and/or financial professions. This board advises on broad policy and strategic planning activities of the Rohrer COB Accounting Program. The target size of this board is 15-18 voting members (not to exceed 20), drawn from both alumni and non-alumni groups.

In addition to the professional members of the boards, two accounting students (preferably one of whom will be an officer of the Accounting Society) serve on the board to represent the student constituency. These members are nominated by the faculty and selected by the existing members of the board. Student members will serve a two-year term. Ideally, at any point in time, there will both a junior student member, who will serve as a liaison, and a senior student member, who will be a voting member of the board.

The Assistant Dean of the Rohrer College of Business, the Chair of the Accounting Department, and other accounting faculty members will serve as ex-officio members of the board and will attend the board meetings or portions of the board meetings, as the members deem appropriate and necessary.

Professional members of the boards are asked to serve a three-year term, with staggered expiration dates on their terms so that approximately one-third of the board turns over each year. Members are eligible for re-election to two consecutive terms. New members may be nominated by current board members, accounting faculty, the Dean of the Rohrer College of Business, or the Assistant Dean of the Rohrer College of Business. Invitation to become a board member must be approved by majority vote of the current board.

The Accounting Advisory Board will meet twice annually. Meetings will be called and organized by the Assistant Dean of the Rohrer College of Business, in collaboration with the Chair of the Advisory Board, once elected.

These proposed rules of operation shall be confirmed by the Accounting Advisory Board, once established.