Rohrer College of Business @ Rowan University

Entrepreneurship Program

The Entrepreneurship Major was created to meet the needs of students who want to develop and run their own companies or engage in entrepreneurship management practices. Through courses such as New Venture Development, Strategic Issues in Family Business, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation, students gain insight into what it takes to be their own boss. Students working toward a B.S. in Business Administration with a Major in Entrepreneurship must maintain a 2.00 grade point average overall and a 2.50 grade point average in all business courses taken.

Program Structure: Entrepreneurship Program Requirements

I. General Education (52-54 s.h.)

  • Communications (9 s.h.)
  • Math & Science (13 s.h.)
  • Social and Behavioral Science (9 s.h.)
  • History/Humanities/Language (6 s.h.)
    • Literature course required
  • Artistic & Creative Experience (3 s.h.)
  • Non-Program Courses (12 s.h.)

II. Free Electives (8 s.h.)

III. Major Area Requirements

Business Core (27 s.h.)

  • MKT09.200 Principles of Marketing
  • ACC03.210 Principles of Accounting I
  • ACC03.211 Principles of Accounting II
  • MGT98.242 Legal Environment of Business
  • MGT06.305 Operations Management
  • FIN04.300 Principles of Finance
  • MGT06.300 Organizational Behavior OR MGT06.309 Organizational Behavior (WI)
  • MIS02.334 Management Information Systems
  • MGT06.402 Business Policy

Entrepreneurship Requirements (18 s.h.)

  • ENT06.240 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • MGT06.330 Managing International Business (M/G) Or MKT09.379 International Marketing (M/G)
  • MKT09.384 Research Methods in Marketing (WI)
  • MGT06.415 Management Consulting Field Study
  • ENT06.426 New Venture Development
  • ENT06.342 Financing and Legal Aspect of Entrepreneurship
  • ENT06.100 Entrepreneurial Experiences
    • Required, but does not count towards the 18 semester hours

Entrepreneurship Electives (6 s.h.)

  • ACC03.328 Entrepreneurial Accounting
  • ENT06.326 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • ENT06.327 Strategic Issues in Family Business
  • ENT06.328 Evaluating Franchising Opportunities
  • ENT06.346 Social Entrepreneurship
  • MGT06.361 Supervised Internship
  • ENT06.344 Entrepreneurial Growth Strategies
  • ENT06.450 Technology Entrepreneurship

Business Electives (9 s.h.)

  • MKT09.378 Product, Price, and New Venture Management
  • MKT09.360 Services Marketing
  • MKT09.391 Business to Business Marketing
  • MGT06.304 Organizational Change and Development
  • MGT06.405 Business Management Simulation
  • MIS02.150 Integrated Business Software Tools
  • ACC03.326 Cost Accounting
  • PHIL09.322 Business Ethics
  • THD07.365 Theatre Management
  • PSY02.320 Public Administration
  • ECON04.307 Economic Development
  • ECON04.340 Regional Economics of Southern N.J.

Total Credits for Program (120 s.h.)