Rohrer College of Business @ Rowan University

Human Resource Management - Program Requirements

Professor Joel Rudin on the B.S. in Human Resource Management Program at the Rohrer College of Business, Rowan University :

Mission Statement

In an economic world in which competitive advantage is increasingly based on knowledge and creativity, effective Human Resources functions are crucial for organizations that want to improve their productivity. The Rowan HR specialization prepares its graduates for the HR profession using a blend of classroom, extra-, and co-curricular experiences, such as internships and project-based learning assignments. Our program is grounded in the values of workplace equity and respect and recognition for contributions of the diverse American workforce.

Assessment Implementation Matrix

Learning Goals Learning Objectives
Graduates will be able to comply with the ever-changing landscape of employment laws.

Students will be able to craft effective policies that will be in full compliance with employment law.

1. In-class exercise


Students will possess the tools to resolve contemporary ethical controversies.

1. In-class exercise
2. Essay

Students will know the latest developments in employment law at the federal and state levels.

1. Programmatic exam
2. In-course essay

Graduates will be able to differentiate between strategic and transactional human resource management activities. Students will know the various roles of HR professionals.

Students will be able to align compensation and business strategies.

1. In-class assignment

Graduates will be able to leverage workforce diversity and employee participation for competitive advantage. Students will know how to make optimal strategic human capital management choices.
  Students will leverage workplace diversity for strategic advantage.
Graduates will be able to recognize and avoid common mistakes in the recruitment, hiring, compensation, and performance management processes. Students will overcome cognitive biases that can impair HRM effectiveness.

Students understand relevant government regulations.

1. In-class assignment