Rohrer College of Business @ Rowan University

Management - Program Requirements

Professor Kathleen Pereles on the Bachelor of Science in Management program at the Rohrer College of Business, Rowan University:

Mission Statement

The Management Specialization prepares students for meaningful positions in management by providing them with a foundation for career growth. The management program is designed to provide a strong foundation in both traditional and innovative management skills in the areas of leading and supervising others, communicating clearly, and being able to analyze and solve organizational problems using both quantitative and qualitative information. It includes traditional classroom instruction, simulations, "real world" internships, lectures by management practitioners and working with academic advisors to develop and implement a course of study which meets each student's individual needs.

Students enrolled in the management program are expected (1) to learn important concepts, skills and techniques focused on leading and supervising other workers, (2) to be able to collect and evaluate relevant information - ethical, quantitative and qualitative - necessary to solve organizational problems; (3) to use critical thinking skills to design and implement solutions for organizational problems, (4) to improve their oral and written communication skills, and (5) to build their knowledge of how to design effective workplace teams.

The program emphasizes giving students the general management skills needed in the current workplace while recognizing the increasing importance of flexibility in designing the curriculum needed so that each individual student can mature into a manager who recognizes the importance of the legal, and ethical and social responsibilities of today's organizations, acquires the skills and tools which will give organizations a competitive advantage, understands the opportunities and implications of the globalization of the business environment, and has the knowledge and understanding to manage the new, diverse workforce.

Assessment Implementation Matrix

Learning Goals Learning Objectives
Graduates will be able to excel in leadership positions so that subordinate performance and engagement are maximized.

Students will apply leadership theory to improve their supervisory effectiveness.

1. Multiple choice questions


Students will write effectively in order to resolve problems and explore opportunities.

1. In-class writing assignments

Graduates will be able to function effectively in work teams in order to prevent serious decision-making errors.

Students will speak effectively in groups.

1. Employer evaluations

  Students will know how to work in teams.
Graduates will be able to prepare organizations to adapt to changing business environments.

Students will understand the impact of the global business environment.

1. Multiple-choice questions

  Students will understand the need to be adaptive and entrepreneurial.
Graduates will be able to solve qualitative and quantitative management problems.

Students will use critical thinking to address managerial issues.

1. In-class assignments


Students will know how to use quantitative tools.

1. Multiple-choice questions