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Finance - Program Requirements

Mission Statement

The mission of the finance program is to provide students with challenging career-oriented undergraduate and graduate preparation needed to acquire the requisite knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in finance careers and to pursue graduate studies.

Assessment Implementation Matrix

Learning Goals Learning Objectives
Prepare graduates for advanced studies in graduate school  
Prepare graduates with the necessary liberal arts, business and financial competencies for careers in the finance field

Students will have a broad understanding of financial theory and institutions

1. Exams
2. Problems/Projects
3. Finance Major Exam and ETS Exam


Students will develp an appreciation of global issues in finance

1. Exams
2. ETS Exam
3. Finance Major Exam

Students will develop competency in quantitative analysis and computer skills necessary for successful financial decision making

1. Exams
2. Projects

Students will develop effective written and oral communications, teamwork, and interpersonal skills

1. Finance Major Exam
2. Exams
3. Projects/Papers

Finance Mentorship Program

Program Goals and Objectives:

The goal of the Finance Mentorship Program is to develop a process that connects finance students with Rowan alum currently working in the finance field. The students gain a greater understanding of the finance field, particularly in terms of career and educational options, while the mentors have the opportunity to reconnect with the university and serve as a positive role model to our students. Finance Mentors can provide a real-world perspective on the finance field that may otherwise not be available to students.

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