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Marketing & Business Information Systems

Rowan University

Message from the Department Chair

The faculty and staff of the Marketing and Business Information Systems Department look forward to working with you.   As the future business leaders in Marketing and Information Systems, it is important to us that you have the strongest foundation possible.

We want our graduates to be prepared to face a dynamic and challenging economic future and to be able to present themselves as competent, ethical, and dedicated professionals.  In order to achieve those goals, we expect our students to have a solid grounding in business administration with significant coursework and experience in the major fields of Marketing and Management Information Systems.  But, in addition to the experiences in the major, our students have a broader education with significant requirements in the General Education as well as the opportunity to select and pursue minors and/or concentrations in a variety of fields including Economics, Spanish, Advertising, Geography, Political Science, and International Studies.

As a graduate of the Rohrer College of Business, we expect that you will not only be prepared for a first professional job but that you will also be able to continue to learn and develop in order to adapt to career and life changes.  While a student at the Rohrer College of Business, you will have the opportunities to develop the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Phillip A. Lewis
Phillip A. Lewis, Chair
Marketing and Business Information Systems
Rowan University